2014 Annual Conference

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The Naturopathic Family Reunion Visits AZ in 2014

Attend the Pre-Con, Get 6 months of OncANP Membership Free!!!

The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians is making an unprecedented offer. Any doctor who signs up to attend our upcoming August 5th conference on Cancer Survivorship will receive a Free Six Month OncANP Membership.

What’s our agenda in making such a generous offer.
Two reasons: First we are excited about the program we are putting together and want as many general practice naturopathic physicians to attend. The more doctors who hear this information, the more patients we can help. That should be enough, but we have a second reason.

We offer such generous benefits to OncANP members that we think if we give doctors 6 months of free membership, there’s a very good chance they will renew and become regular members.

We offer free CE webinars to members, a naturopathic oncology specific Yahoo chat room, a more or less monthly literature review, practice listings on our website, first opportunity to register for our annual conference among other benefits. Perhaps the most important thing about being an OncANP member is having people to whom you can turn for help with challenging patients.

Working with cancer patients can be the most rewarding thing we do with our naturopathic talents, at least many of us think so. It can also be one of the most heart-wrenching endeavors we engage in. The value of having colleagues who you can easily turn to, colleagues who are working with the same types of patients as you are, is, pardon the cliché, priceless.

Our mission is to help people living with cancer by providing them access to naturopathic physicians educated in naturopathic oncology. Our current membership is approaching 500 and we excited to build our organization even more.

For more information and to register for the conference go to:

Just $29: The No-Free-Lunch-Student-Discount-Price Naturopathic Oncology Seminar

The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ONCANP) is presenting a one-day conference, August 5 at the Biltmore hotel. This is the day before the AANP’s conference begins. In fact ONCANP and AANP are putting this conference on together.

The ONCANP conference is about cancer survivorship and will provide general practice, primary care naturopathic physician the information they need to provide integrative cancer care to patients who have been diagnosed and treated with cancer in the past.

We feel strongly that the information presented in this conference is essential for every naturopathic doctor to know, not just those doctors interested in specializing in naturopathic oncology. In fact, we feel so strongly that we are going to make an offer to any naturopathic student that is unprecedented. You can attend this full day conference that the AANP is charging doctors a $195 to attend for just $29.
That’s no typo: Twenty-nine bucks is all we want.

There is a catch of course. You just can’t eat the fancy lunch the Biltmore will serve to full paying attendees. It will save us nearly a hundred bucks per person if we don’t order a catered lunch for you. Of course you do have the option of signing up for conference with the fancy lunch for $129.

Why are we doing this, you wonder?
ONCANP’s fundamental mission is to provide education in naturopathic oncology so that we can advance and improve the care of people living with cancer. We feel that attending this conference will help students learn how to help these people. Cost of conference can be an obstacle for some students. We have it in our power to remove that obstacle, so why not do so?

THE DEAL GETS BETTER! We are offering doctors who attend this conference a Free Six Month Membership in ONCANP with access to our chat room and webinars. We are doing the same for students who attend, even at this discounted price.

The may be the most generous offer you experience during your entire naturopathic education. The offer is real. Don’t miss out.

Register here and sign up under the “public” registration button.

No lunch but you can’t beat our price!

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