Corporate Wellness Meets Naturopathic Medicine
Jud Richland, MPH, CEO
An important opporunity for AANP members
Thursday, April 4, 2013
by: Jud Richland, MPH, CEO

Section: ED Update

At first glance, Parker Hannifin appears to be a traditional Fortune 250 company involved in a wide range of manufacturing activities.  Yet Parker Hannifin is unique in its commitment to giving its employees access to a wide range of complementary and integrative medicine practitioners.  That includes naturopathic physicians.
Parker is actively seeking AANP members to participate in its Wellness and Preventive Health Network.  The Network provides a healthcare benefit so employees can affordably access natural, alternative treatment options from integrative practitioners. In addition to medical services, the benefit also covers recommended supplements. The PPO Network includes NDs, MDs/DOs, chiropractors, massage and polarity therapists, acupuncturists, and other holistic providers.  Parker is seeking NDs in licensed states who are located within approximately 45 minutes of Parker’s many plant locations.
Parker is actively seeking AANP members to participate in its Wellness and Preventive Health Network

Providers in the Network are asked to discount their cash fees by 10%. The patient pays 20% of the physician’s fee at the time of service. The practitioner will receive the balance generally within 30 days of submission of the claim.
Through the claims data, the overall effectiveness of integrative medicine can be examined. This type of data should be very compelling to other corporate leaders who are considering a similar integrative medicine program for employees.
The attached link lists Parker’s many locations.  Locations highlighted in yellow have more than 100 employees. The locations highlighted in blue are eager to identify holistic providers to immediately advance their wellness program. If you are interested in participating in Parker’s PPO network, please contact Parker's account coordinator, Cheryl Mink, at or at 1-800-647-1766, option 3. Be sure to identify the AANP as the source of this information.
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