Come to Arizona and Become a Naturopathic Medicine Star
Jud Richland, MPH, AANP CEO
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
by: Jud Richland, MPH, AANP CEO

Section: ED Update

“The Arizona Biltmore awaits.”  For many of you, I know you don’t need me to say anything more.  I would simply ask that you make sure your colleagues know what that means!

Here are some keywords you’ll want to include in that discussion – reunion, family, fun, education, sun, community, water slide, laughter, revitalize, and connection.

For the uninitiated, I’m of course referring to the AANP annual conference taking place in Phoenix from August 6-9.  Many AANP members swear that the Arizona Biltmore version of the AANP conference is where the roots of naturopathic medicine are on display most prominently and where their connection to the naturopathic community is felt most strongly.  If you haven’t experienced it before, well, now is the time.

I want to mention that AANP is adding a new feature at the conference this year that aims both to help you market yourself and to help spread the word about naturopathic medicine.  We’ll be providing a studio at the Arizona Biltmore where you can record a short video about what naturopathic medicine means to you or about the specific health conditions that you’re skilled in treating.

Not only will we give you the completed video so that you can post it on your website, but it will also be posted on the consumer website that the Institute for Natural Medicine and AANP are currently developing.  These messages will be short, easy to understand, and they’ll serve to inform consumers about naturopathic approaches to a wide range of health conditions.

Thanks go to members of our Public Education and Media Affairs Committee for providing the professional and technical know-how to make these videos as sharp as they can be.  A series of short instructional primers is being developed so you’ll know what’s expected in writing a short script, speaking while you look into the camera, etc.  Drs. Rick Brinkman and Trevor Cates will offer professional coaching on-site to help you put your best face forward.  Thanks also go to the Southwest College of Natural Medicine for providing the equipment to make sure the videos are of professional quality.

If you’d like to record a video while you’re in Arizona, please complete the linked form ASAP.  We need as many volunteers as possible to help us build an extensive media library that we can use to spread the word about naturopathic medicine.  Please volunteer now to become a naturopathic star, building your own brand and your profession’s brand at the same time!
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