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The AANP offers numerous discounts on valuable products and advantage services, protects your rights to practice, strengthens licensure laws, increases scope of practice, and connects you to the naturopathic community.

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The AANP offers various cost savings on products and services.
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  Archives of Clinical Social Network (LOGIN REQUIRED)   IBIS and Interactions Guide Discounts
Free Access (LOGIN REQUIRED)   Practice and Professional Development
  Discounts available on certificates
Patient Tools
Make sure patients can find you with "Find an ND"   Discounted Patient Education Materials   Save 10% on all products
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Daily News Clipping Service   A FREE magazine subscription. This is non-deductible.   Significant member discounts
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Save up to 80% preferred products from Office Depot AND OfficeMax   Credit Card Processing   Consumer Articles Downloaded to Your Website Daily
Save 10% on data plans   Protect Your Digital Life - Back Up Now   Save on wireless products!
Save 30% on packages   Save 10% on software products