This is How to Beat Cancer: Using Integrative Teams

This is How to Beat Cancer: Using Integrative Teams
Integrative therapies are steadily gaining traction in the U.S.; patients are asking for more supportive care options. We know this because of the growing evidence base. If you are interested in the latest approaches to supportive care, I encourage you to read on and share this with a colleague.


On my morning dog walks this past week I've worn a pair of brand new Johnson & Murphy black patent leather wingtip shoes hoping I can break them in before this year's AANP Federal Lobbying Initiative (FLI) in Washington, DC April 26-28th. Technically these shoes are called brogues, the name refers to the perforations along the leather's edges, supposedly these were originally installed to help water drain while walking through Scottish bogs.

Written by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member

I am learning that having a diagnosis of breast cancer comes with lots of unknowns

It's a bit like being told you are getting to go on a trip, but no one's telling you exactly where, what to bring or what you will actually be doing there! And by the way, we may decide to change destination! As an itinerant traveler who loves an adventure, mostly I have framed this whole experience as such.

Written by Amy Rothenberg, ND, AANP Board Member
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In Healthcare, We Must Choose Our Words with Care

Written by Rick Kirschner, ND
I value words, because I've discovered that choosing them wisely makes a tremendous difference in the kind of results I can achieve and how long it takes to achieve them. In my experience, well-chosen words are certainly a key to success.

Chocolate and the Nobel Prize

Written by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member - Chocolate has long been associated with affairs of the heart and gifts of chocolate are considered particularly appropriate for Valentine's Day. Medical writers first began alluding to an aphrodisiac effect from chocolate back in 1624. Joannes Rauch spoke of chocolate as a ‘violent inflamer of passions.' Richard Cadbury was the first to package chocolate into heart shaped boxes for Valentine's Day in 1861. Yet chocolate's association with the heart goes back much further, to the prehistory of chocolate in the Meso-American cultures. The Aztec words for heart and blood were synonymous with their word for chocolate. They drew pods of the cacao tree in the shape of hearts in early illustrations and chocolate drinks were interwoven in the rituals of human sacrifice.

Thoughts on Tracking and What Marks We May Be Leaving Behind

Written by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member - A man, we think, of indeterminate age, medium height and weight, strides south, crossing a Forest Service dirt road into an open forest meadow darted with clumps of shrub and grass scattered amid dried hoof chewed mud. He walks slowly across the meadow at first toward a stand of pine trees a hundred yards to the south. His course skirts between small islands of grass yet intent on reaching the trees. The ground is uneven. It rained heavily a week before and cattle have grazed on the grass, their hooves sinking deeply into the clay rich mud, which is now dried and so hard that the man's boots hardly make an impression. At one point, about halfway across the open space, he pauses and pivots in a circle so that his heels drill slightly into the sunbaked mud. He stands there, staring. At what it isn't clear. Perhaps it was something in the sky because his weight rocks back. Suddenly, he takes a step then two steps to his right and crouches down, resting his weight on the balls of his feet and remains unmoving for minutes, at one point resting part of his weight on his right knee. We lose track of time but suddenly he continues in the original direction toward the trees, but with haste now, making longer strides at first his heels striking deeper into the soil and then breaking into a full out run. He makes the trees. This is when we eat lunch.

On Giving

Written by Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, AANP Board Member - I don't know about you, but if you are anything like me, I get so much out of giving that it almost seems an inaccurate term to describe what I am doing.  Maybe we need a new world for it… something like getving.  I am sure Webster would beg to differ.

Physicians Who Listen Have Found Their Voice

A special message from AANP President Micheal Cronin, ND - This is the last article of my two-year presidency. The state of the AANP is strong and stable. AANP membership is up by nearly 20%. We have a talented CEO, a focused 2014 workplan, and a balanced budget with financial reserves. We have re-established 5 committees composed of dedicated AANP members that provides guidance to the Board. The Naturopathic profession in the US continues to grow and our potential for continuing strong, steady growth is excellent. Our challenge is having the bandwidth to manage all of our opportunities. In this short article I will briefly address a few of these.

The Eagle is Back!

Written by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member - It is a cool morning, the temperature hovering somewhere between zero and a few degrees above. A long time ways from last summer when the “Prismatic Electric Fountain” in City Park's Ferill Lake entertains visitors and as a side effect aerates the water.

Fish Tacos to Radish Pickles: It's all about the sulforaphane

Written by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member