Interactions Guide™: Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions Web Application and IBIS Desktop: Integrative BodyMind Information System from Medicine Works
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InteractionsGuide™: Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions Web Application
InteractionsGuide™ is an innovative web-based application delivering you instant access to the evidence-based evaluation of herbs and nutrients in the clinical context of interdisciplinary care. Combining pharmaceuticals with herbs or nutrients may complement or interfere with a drug's therapeutic action or may increase adverse effects. Drug-induced depletion of essential nutrients can contribute to acute and long-term adverse effects that are preventable with informed clinical management. Engage your patients in active dialogue, inventory their use of herbs and nutrients, and use InteractionsGuide™ to assess potential interactions, evaluate therapeutic strategies, ensure safe prescribing, and collaborate on complex cases. This authoritative, scientiï¬Âcally-grounded and clinically-oriented reference tool takes you past the speculation, over-extrapolation and hyperbole. InteractionsGuideTM applies the principles of natural medicine and individualized care to frame herbal and nutrient interventions as therapeutic agents, not just “supplements”, in the clinical context of purposeful polypharmacy.

“The most comprehensive and substantiated resource I have seen on drug/herb/nutrient interactions.  I was especially impressed by Dr. Stargrove and his interdisciplinary team’s ranking of the quality of the available evidence as well as their careful consideration of beneficial interactions, not just adverse effects.  Required for every clinician serious about integrative medicine.”  Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., ND

IBISdesktop: Integrative BodyMind Information System™
IBIS shows you options... lots of them! IBIS provides you with quick access to the full range of therapies practiced by naturopathic physicians and allied healthcare professionals. IBIS emerged from the naturopathic and Chinese medicine community of the Pacific Northwest in 1992 after 4 years work by a team of over 100 practitioners, educators and students. This pioneering multidisciplinary clinical reference tool is fast, easy to use, comprehensive and trusted by a broad range of providers.

IBIS was designed with you in mind; it combines an encyclopedia of natural medicine and complementary healthcare with note-taking and handout-crafting features. With IBIS you'll spend more time using information and less time searching for it. Complementing therapeutic insights into 282 conditions (and 93 Chinese syndrome patterns), the extensive Materia Medica of 2400 topics includes medicines, procedures and concepts from the whole spectrum of integrative healthcare. With IBIS you can quickly locate a wide range of natural treatment options and health-promoting measures drawn from the many traditions of natural medicine.

After being out of print for several years, IBIS is back – in response to broad, consistent and repeated requests from longtime users from around the world.
Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions Textbook
Comprehensive clinical data, quick-reference features, and the insight and expertise of trusted authorities help you gain a confident understanding of how herbal remedies and nutritional supplements interact with pharmaceuticals and develop safe, individualized treatment strategies for your patients.This landmark textbook is widely recognized as the authoritative professional reference work on drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions, drug-induced nutrient depletions, and therapeutic strategies for clinical implementation and multidisciplinary collaboration.
About MedicineWorks™
MedicineWorks™ develops and publishes medical reference and health education tools for professionals and the public. As a leader in innovative electronic media and educational resources, MedicineWorks™ will be offering a growing suite of tools empowering individual choices for health and enabling professionals to provide the best that medicine has to offer.