January 2011: CQ Statetrack and Measuring Your Success

By Gene McGill, Director of State Government Relations

As individual states begin the process of swearing in legislators and assigning committees, the AANP and its state affiliates are also revving up the engines. At least 11 states are considering legislation for licensure of naturopathic physicians in 2011. The AANP continues to work with state associations to provide model legislation, review proposed legislation, and offer assistance where possible.

Communication is a key element to our success. The AANP continues to expand our information toolbox for members. The most recent addition is at your fingertips. AANP Statetrack is now just click away! After logging in to your account, click the “Advocacy” tab and select “State Legislative Tracking.” This beautiful map is specifically tailored to monitor all legislation introduced in any state that contains the word naturopathic or licensure. But that is only the beginning of what this powerful program can do! To see all the capabilities of Statetrack, members of the State Association Leadership team can now view a webinar available on their committee page under the "Advocacy and Legislative Affairs" heading.

Are you working in a licensed start? Please take note, as part of the AANP’s effort to provide vital and timely information, we now also track regulations on CQ Statetrack. Changes to regulations within your state can impact the way you practice as well as your income. Now you have access to up-to-the-minute information regarding regulations that affect your state.

Are you or your state association getting the most out of Capwiz? Is your message being sent out by your group, is their message being read, and is there follow-up? All of this is vital information that helps determine the effectiveness of your message. To insure you are getting the most out the Capwiz tool, why not sign up for a refresher? It will just take a few minutes and will help guarantee your message gets into the right hands. Just log into Capwiz and schedule training under the “Help” tab.