March 2011: DC FLI Registration and an Awareness Campaign Update

By Karen Howard, Executive Director

Register Today for the DC FLI!

75 people registered for the DC FLI in the first ten days after registration opened. Every year our visibility on Capitol Hill increases and our participation grows. Given the enormous turnover in the House and the dramatic change in leadership, having broad-based geographic representation of the profession is essential this year. Educating new Members of Congress and reengaging with our supporters of our friends is crucial to our efforts to gain federal recognition of naturopathic medicine. 

This year’s agenda is currently under development. As you may know, much of the work relating to implementation of the health care reform act, for the most part, is being managed at either the state level, or through the Department of Health and Human Services. (A special thank you to everyone who has joined us in the past.  Your advocacy efforts on the Hill have enabled us to redirect many of our efforts towards key people in federal agencies.) And yet, this is not the time for us to relax our efforts on Capitol Hill and we are exploring multiple opportunities for expanding naturopathic medicine’s presence in federal programs. Please join us (members register for free), at an event that will empower you to advocate for your patients by becoming a patient advocate!

AANP: Spreading Awareness

Did you see the article on Colorado licensing in the New York Times?  Are you aware NDs are being interviewed on local news programs? (The work of both individual doctors' initiatives and the AANP media campaign.) Are you using the documentary video links from the AANP on your website?  Did you know that NDs will be on Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., programs in the next few weeks? Are you using our Daily Clips to track media coverage and obtain news that can impact your business? AANP efforts to take naturopathic medicine to the masses continue, and despite limited resources we are seeing great results. Every month 35,000 unique visitors come to to find NDs, and traffic to the site ranks in the top 100,000 here in the U.S. Our next project is the launch of a new Blog Radio Program, tentatively scheduled for June. This work, combined with our rapidly growing social media audience, is designed to grow public awareness in support of legislative work across the country -- and to grow your practices.