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Annual AANP Career Resource Center

2011 Career Resource Center A Success, Coming Soon 2012 AANP Career Fair
The first ever AANP Career Resource Center held at the Arizona Biltmore during the 2011 AANP Convention was a great success. As a result, the AANP will hold a Career Fair  in Bellevue, WA, during the 2012 Annual AANP Convention. Stay tuned for more details. See the 2011 schedule of events below.
2011 Schedule of Events
2:30PM to 3:15PM
Create an Effective Marketing Plan and THRIVE!
Many clinics do not see a patient past 3 to 5 visits. Find out why. Learn techniques to find new patients and retain existing ones.
Presented by Dr. Dick Thom, recipient of the AANP Vis Award
Thursday 3:30PM to 4:45PM What are You Doing to Ensure Growth and Sustainability in Your Practice?
You deserve to THRIVE as a result of your commitment and passion for what you do. There is a way to be profitable and not compromise the quality of care you provide for your patients. Effective planning clears the way for you to deliver patient care in an environment free of distractions and to provide enhanced patient results.
Presented by Zia Maria, Founder of Breakthrough Coaching, and Anne Zorich, Lead  Consultant
**Sign up on Thursday for private sessions available with Zia and Anne on Friday.**
Thursday 5:00PM to 5:30PM A Practice Model that Works!
Try something other than the old percentage model.
Presesnted by Drs. Nancy Aagenes and Jeff Roush
  • Practice/Clinic Interviews
  • Corporate Interviews
  • Private Advice Sessions (Breakthrough Coaching, HR experts in CV writing, Interviewing Techniques)
  • Thrive Kit Information
  • Job Board
The Career Resource Center is part of the AANP's Thrive Kits containing valuable practice and professional development tools available to all AANP members. Click here to learn more about Thrive Kits.