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AANP Offers Free Membership to First-Year Students

September 12, 2011

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mandisa Jones
(202) 237-8150

AANP Offers Free Membership to First-Year Students
AANP Allows First-Year Students to Save by Joining Free of Cost
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) announces a new package of benefits available at no cost exclusively to first-year naturopathic medical students.  By joining the AANP, first-year students will not only become a participant in the largest and best-known national trade association in their field, but also have access to a wide array of benefits valued at $480 annually for regular members.
In addition to the opportunity to learn from and network with other professionals in their field, AANP First-Year Student Membership also includes free registration to the DC FLI, the AANP’s annual advocacy day in Washington, D.C., where ND candidates and doctors can learn the necessary skills to become an advocate for their profession as well as their patients’ health.
“Students attend accredited naturopathic medical schools because they want to practice naturopathic medicine and because they want to be consummate professionals,” said Mandisa Jones, Marketing and Membership Associate at the AANP.  “By becoming a member of the AANP, the national professional association for NDs, students can demonstrate their commitment to being the best ND possible. We’re excited to announce free membership exclusively for first-year ND candidates!”
First-year students interested in one free year of AANP membership should send an email to Ms. Jones at mandisa.jones@naturopathic,org, including name, school, address, email address and phone number.
Naturopathic doctors are general practitioners who are experts in natural medicine and integrative therapies.  They train at four-year, post-graduate naturopathic medical schools that are accredited by an agency of the United States Department of Education.  Sixteen states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands regulate naturopathic medicine.  Learn more at naturopathic.org.
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is a professional association that strives to make naturopathic medicine available to every American, and to increase recognition of naturopathic physicians as the identified authorities on natural medicine.