October 2011: Health-care Reform - Preparing for the Future

By Karen Howard, Executive Director

The AANP has held a steady eye on the moving parts of health-care reform. Efforts prior to even the introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focused on educating legislators on naturopathic medicine and seeking enumeration in loan repayment programs. Building external relationships with key players in both the world of alternative medicine and with providers who, like NDs, must deal with American Medical Association and state medical society opposition, has enhanced our visibility, reach and influence.
With implementation of health-care reform, we are shifting our attention to the federal regulatory environment and working to support out state affiliates. Click here to read our most recent message to the Department of Health and Human Services.
On November 19-20, the AANP will bring together the leadership of licensed and unlicensed states to evaluate the opportunities and obstacles for naturopathic medicine in the wake of health-care reform. Assessing the meaning of federal definitions, we will discuss what states will do to implement primary care medical homes, the importance of primary care status, building relationships with insurers, the role of state exchanges, and more. How will NDs thrive in this new environment? The answer differs for those in unlicensed states and for those who do not want to participate in network-based care. Equal time will be spent on developing strategic and tactical plans with our unlicensed states.
Will Your State Be Represented?
Assisting us in the process is Mike Barrett, Sr. Partner at Ascendent Care. Mike works with payors and providers to create and implement health-care programs in the fully insured, self-insured employers and governmental market segments.