February 2012: Executive Director Transition Team Update

By Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND
Chair, Executive Director Transition Team and AANP Past-President

Our search for a new AANP Executive Director/CEO is in full swing. The Executive Director Transition Team (EDTT) has already met in the past few months and continues to meet regularly. We are ensuring that the process is on track, that timelines are met and that we are guiding the search to ensure we reach the people best qualified and most likely to succeed as our next Executive Director. In anticipation of the February 15th deadline for receiving applications, potential candidates have submitted their resumes to the search firm, Association Strategies, Inc., and ASI staff are contacting them and conducting telephone and in-person interviews. According to Diane James at ASI, “we are seeing a strong response from people who are committed to healthcare and who are excited by the mission and work of AANP. We look forward to having a pool of qualified candidates for the EDTT and the AANP Board to interview and believe the transition with a new staff leader will be a constructive and exciting process for the Association.”

ASI will now continue the winnowing process to narrow the field to the candidates that best fit our criteria. In mid-April, the EDTT will meet with the 6-8 finalists for interviews with the goal of narrowing the picks to the two best candidates. The Board and EDTT will then meet with the finalists in the days before DC FLI in early May at which time the Board will determine who will be our next AANP Executive Director.

I want to thank and give my appreciation to the hard-working members of the EDTT for all of the time and energy they have been dedicating to this task: Dr. Lise Alschuler, Dr. Harry Swope, Dr. Keri Marshall, Dr. Michael Cronin, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, and David Matteson. We are fortunate to have this extremely talented and experienced team working on the AANPs behalf.