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2013 AANP Conference Call for Abstracts

July 10 – 13, 2013 Keystone, Colorado

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians invites you to submit an abstract for the 28th Annual AANP Conference & Exposition. Click here to download the 2013 Call for Abstracts.

Please read all guidelines before submitting an abstract. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed. Abstract submissions are due no later than December 15, 2012. Late submissions will not be considered.

Presentation Topics/Tracks

The 2013 Conference Content Committee is looking for presentations on a variety of topics for the convention. Along with abstracts on topics of general interest, the committee is especially interested this year in topics that speak to the theme of the conference, which is Walking ourTalk: Nature Cure in the Twenty-first Century. We are interested in presentations that help bring nature back into naturopathy, that integrate traditional techniques of nature-cure with modern science, and that provide clinical knowledge and experience to our participants of the healing power of nature.

Our conference location in Keystone, Colorado will provide easy access to the natural world, including ice-cold mountain streams, forests and high mountain meadows. The committee is eager to share the pleasure of being in this location with conference participants and will work with presenters who are interested in providing educational experiences outside of the standard lecture format. For example, if you can come up with a presentation on the benefits of contrasting hot and cold baths that require participants to immerse themselves in a mountain stream, we can probably make that happen.

We will also continue to encourage, as we did in 2012, presentations that provide an update on particular topics such as Women's Health, Nutrition or Oncology. We will also look with favor on new concepts in naturopathy, that is lectures that introduce us to new ways of thinking about or treating our patients, lectures that create a synergy of thoughts and a shift in our understanding of nature, health and medicine.

The AANP occasionally receives requests from affiliate organizations that are organizing local conferences hoping that we will share the abstracts summated for our conference with them. It is our assumption that you will not object to our doing this. If you do not want your abstract shared with other groups, please indicate so.

Selection Process

The Convention Committee will review all abstracts and make selections based on content, objectives, relevance to the conference themes, significance and originality of material, clarity of abstract and speaker experience/quality (if known).

The deadline for abstract submissions is December 15, 2012. All persons who submit abstracts will receive notification of the committee’s decision no later than March 1, 2013.

If you are chosen to present at the convention, the deadline for final presentation submission is May 15, 2013. By submitting an abstract, you are agreeing to this deadline. ALL presenters are REQUIRED to submit powerpoint slides for review by this date, and for publication in the convention proceedings book. The Convention Committee has the right to cancel any presenter who does not meet these criteria. For continuing education purposes, all powerpoint presentations must be reviewed by the content committee prior to presentation or printing. Any speaker who does not submit a FINAL powerpoint presentation by May 15, 2013 will be replaced. No changes will be allowed after this point.

All presentations must be free from any real or perceived commercial bias. You cannot use a presentation to promote your seminar or your supplements. There will be other opportunities for vendor sponsorship of presentations. Please contact Rebecca Takemoto at rtakemoto@sync-opate.com for more information about these opportunities.

Types of Presentations

The 2013 Content Committee is hoping in the next few years to change the mold of how we perceive continuing education. We can now attend the traditional powerpoint lecture that has been standard for years for convention CE presentations online as a webinar. We want to hear presentations that maximize the potential of having live attendees present in the room. We welcome your ideas of learning opportunities that take advantage of the unique dynamics of having a large number of colleagues in the same place at the same time.

For example can you conduct a survey of our experts and reach a consensus on treating a particular condition during the course of your presentation. Can you randomize your audience and run a placebo controlled trial in an hour? What can you do in person that you cannot do online? Please do not stay stuck with what we have done in the past.

In your abstract, please include a statement about your proposed length of time and your ideas for other topics that might fit well with the topic you are proposing.

The convention will host several types of presentations including oral presentations (lengths will vary), research presentations (15 minutes each ¡V presented in a set of at least 4) and research poster presentations. Unlike previous years, all abstracts, research or otherwise, will be reviewed by the full content committee. Research abstracts should follow the same structure as others. There may be additional research spots available later in the year for late breaking research.

Instructions for Abstract Submissions

General Policies and Requirements

  • Abstracts should be factual and report significant research findings, clinical procedures and results, techniques or topics.
  • All abstracts submitted are subject to review by the Convention Committee according to the above stated criteria.
  • The presenter must be a registered attendee in order to attend lectures other than their own. The presenter does not need to register if he or she does not intend to sit for other lectures during the conference.
  • All presenters are responsible for their own expenses, including travel, hotel and any other costs incurred by conference participation.
  • The Convention Committee reserves the right to suggest co-presenters and to combine submissions.
  • Presenters are responsible for the transport and storage of any extra presentation materials.
  • Accepted abstracts may be published in the Proceedings Manual, the Convention website, and CD-ROM and other AANP print or electronic publications. All copyright will be transferred to the AANP. The Convention Committee reserves the right to reformat abstracts to ensure publication uniformity.
  • All speakers must provide information on any conflict of interest and make aware any affiliation or financial interest that may affect the speaker's presentation.

Formatting and Submission

All abstracts must be submitted through the online abstract collection process.

Submission Specifications

ALL of the following must be included in your submission. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed.

1) Contact Information

  • Presenter(s) full name/degrees
  • Contact Name1 (This is the person who will be the main point of contact for the conference planners. Please do not include more than one name)
  • Address, City, State and Zip Code
  • Day time telephone
  • Email address

2) Presentation title

3) Short description of presentation (up to 100 words)

4) Statement explaining your suggested time allotment as well as any relevant topics that could fit alongside your proposed topic.

5) Abstract.2 All abstracts MUST include the following.

  • Clearly stated learning objectives
  • Presentation outline
  • Mention of whether or not pharmacy discussion will occur during the presentation. If pharmacy discussion will be present, please indicate the percentage of your presentation that will discuss pharmaceuticals.

6) Biographical sketch3 (up to 150 words) for each presenter

7) Speaker Photo (jpg) for each presenter

8) AANP CE Compliance Form4 for each presenter (download here)

9) AANP Financial Disclosure Form4 for each presenter (download here)

These forms must be signed. You may either scan and upload with your abstract, or fax to 703-991-9133. There is no limit to the number of abstracts one may submit. The interdisciplinary nature of the Convention should be kept in mind when writing the abstract. Subspecialty jargon should be avoided. If accepted, some portion of the abstract will be published in the Convention Program Book. For questions about the abstract submission process please email Rebecca Takemoto, rtakemoto@syncopate.com.

Please Note:
1. For multiple presenters and panel discussions, please list the names of all presenters and submit contact information for one person only.
2. Not to exceed 1000 words. Abstracts without learning objectives and a presentation outline will not be considered.
3. For multiple presenters, please submit a biographical sketch for each person. Please include degree-granting universities attended.
4. Downloard forms here. You may be asked to submit similar forms again if you are accepted as a speaker at the AANP.