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Corporate Partner Message

Does getting an EHR improve productivity for a Naturopathic practice?

Wholeness Center, a multidisciplinary (MD, ND, SLT, OT, RD, etc) mental health practice with 12 practitioners and more than 3000 active patients in a single location, was looking to improve productivity and patient care.

Productivity Gains Realized
  • Since implementing ChARM EHR Physician productivity has increased by 20% while providing better patient care.
  • Revenue grew by over $1200/practitioner per month in physician visits alone, by effective use of time with patients without additional cost burden to the patients
  • Each day, the center saves hours of staff time by eliminating unproductive paperwork as well as a few hours on the telephone. Realized a 30% in cost savings.
Challenges Identified
  • Starting a new collaborative practice required a huge overhead. Needed a system that is flexible and easy enough for charting for multiple practitioners as well as easy to use for the office management of a practice of such diversity was a top priority.
  • Needed an integrated system with a transparent and economical pricing, risk free trial period and no upfront commitment that all the providers can agree upon.
  • Needed a system to manage inventory for a complex natural apothecary and laboratory. In addition a scheduling system was needed to manage an unusual large volume of patient visits with unique travel needs.
  • Able to share records and communicate with patients while minimizing paperwork was identified as another area for improvement.
The Search for a Solution
Resulted in measurable productivity gain.