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Custom sponsorship idea? Contact Rebecca Takemoto at rtakemoto@sync-opate.com for more information about maximizing your presence at the convention.

  • Conference T-Shirt: $6,000
  • Opening Reception: $7,500 Host the Wednesday evening opening reception. Price is for sponsorship name only. Food/beverage etc will be at the expense of the sponsor. This sponsorship gives a company exposure in front of all of the attendees in any way the company wishes. Audio/Video presentations are welcome!
  • SOLD:  Conference Bag: $7,500 The AANP conference bag is always a favorite. The last several years we have provided attendees with a reusable grocery style bag. Attendees tell us they love to bring home a bag they can use all year. We’re sure a sponsoring company will love to have their logo included!
  • SOLD:   Water Bottle: $8,000 Another give-away for conference attendees: AANP members carry and use these water bottles throughout the conference and during the year. The sponsoring company’s logo will be engraved along side the AANP conference logo.
  • Hotel Key Cards: $4,000 Have your logo or message printed on the hotel key card. What better way to advertise your booth location than on the key attendees use every day?
  • Gala Reception: $3,500 The company sponsoring the Saturday night gala reception will receive large display signage and their logo/message printed on the back of the full color gala ticket. The sponsor will also have a few minutes at the microphone during the reception.
  • SOLD:   Lanyards: $3,000 All attendees will receive a lanyard (nametag necklace) with their conference badge. The company who purchases this sponsorship will have their logo printed across the lanyard that every attendee is wearing.
  • Daily Schedule Emails: $2,500 Have your logo and a direct link to your company website printed right on the daily schedule at a glance, which will be emailed to all attendees. Schedules will also be printed in hard copy, and will have your 8.5 x 11 ad on the back.
  • Chaperoned Email: $2,500 A sponsoring company can provide an email message or designed ad and AANP will email it to the full AANP membership list.
  • Bag Inserts: $1,000 Product samples will be inserted in attendees’ conference bag. For $1000 sponsorship fee, we will include your sample! This sponsorship is for product only, no paper/fliers please. Sponsors will be asked to provide up to 1000 samples.
  • Coffee Break: $2,000 As a coffee break sponsor, your company will be highly visible during your sponsored break. We will post 1 large sign and several small signs around the coffee/tea service as well as list the company on main signage as a conference sponsor.
  • Vendor Workshops: $2,500 The AANP conference is bringing back Vendor Workshops! These 30 minute sessions will be yours to do with as you please, they will not need to qualify for CE. Sessions will run 3 concurrent in the main lecture rooms immediately following lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Its a great time to invite your contact list and make it a special educational event. Workshops are first come first serve - so get in on this one early!
  • Proceedings Book Ad: (pricing below) The proceedings book is the key to the information given to attendees. Speaker bios, session descriptions and conference schedules are joined with sponsorship ads in this book.

This year, choose between black and white or full color.
-- Half Page: 8” x 5” BW: $750 / Color: $1,250
-- Full Page: 8” x 10” BW: $1,250 / Color: $1,750