2008 Election Results

Democracy is clearly not a spectator sport.

Dear AANP Members,

I awoke this morning inspired by what is often considered mundane - today is different than yesterday. Change was the inevitable result of this election. The question we must now address is what will change, when will it change, and for the sake of what are we advocating change? I say that as a society we are becoming clear on our desire to act for the sake of our grandchildren's grandchildren, who will benefit or suffer from our ability as united individuals to effectively manage issues critical to their future. Issues that include health care reform.

Naturopathic medicine is no longer a foreign concept on Capitol Hill. Thank you to all who participate in our grassroots efforts, and to all who have travel to Washington for the DC FLI where we educate staff and Members of Congress on the power of naturopathic medicine. Our goals for the 111th Congress and the new administration are substantial:

  • Inclusion of wellness and prevention in any and all health care reform initiatives;
  • Recognition of naturopathic medicine in public health programs for the underserved, and
  • Active promotion of programs and policies that expand consumer access to natural medicine.

Lofty? Absolutely. Attainable? Failure is not an option. "Years ago, a reporter asked then Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev what he thought his chances were of reforming society through perestroika. Gorbachev replied that even thinking about chances was self-defeating. "What choice do we have?" he asked the reporter. He went on to say that a man dropped in the middle of the ocean will start swimming to one shore or another, not refuse to swim because of the magnitude of the task ahead of him." - from Creating A World That Works For All by Sharif Abdullah


  • Successfully promote the tenants of naturopathic medicine into the Congressional debate on healthcare reform.
  • Provide the Obama Transition Team with the information they need to fully understand how this medicine stands as the cornerstone to a healthy America. And,
  • Continue to expand our work with like-minded groups to give voice to this work.

This work is bi-partisan, this work is controversial, and this work requires action. If you are a naturopathic physician, you are by definition an advocate. Join our effort, participate at every turn. Come to Washington DC on May 204, 2009 to lobby Congress in person. Respond to EVERY grassroots request, and keep up to date with our efforts at www.naturopathic.org where we will utilize our "legislation" page to keep you in the know on our work and the efforts of President-elect Obama and a new Congress!



Karen E. Howard
Executive Director
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians