Vision and Goals

Our Mission
Enhancing human health and wellness by advancing the profession of naturopathic medicine.

Our Vision
Naturopathic physicians will guide and empower people to discover and experience improved health, optimal wellness, and effective management of disease through the principles and practices of naturopathic medicine.

Goals and Strategic Objectives

1. Naturopathic Physician Members: Naturopathic physicians (NDs) will have the opportunity to be professionally and financially successful.

A. NDs will be licensed in every state.
B. NDs and services will be in demand and equitably reimbursed in the health care marketplace.
C. NDs will be integrated into the nation’s health care system and be a part of all state and federal health care programs.

2. People: Every person will have access to a naturopathic physician licensed to practice the full scope of naturopathic medicine.

A. People will know what a naturopathic physician does.
B. People will know that naturopathic medicine is safe, effective, and cost-effective.
C. People will have access to, and equitable reimbursement for, naturopathic services
D. People from diverse socioeconomic groups and cultures will be served by NDs in a manner that is culturally competent and respectful.

3. Naturopathic Profession: The naturopathic profession will grow and evolve while preserving the core philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine.

A. Naturopathic practices will evolve based on research while honoring traditional naturopathic medical principles
B. NDs will understand, value, and participate in practice-based research.
C. NDs will incorporate the foundations of naturopathic medicine into their training and practice.

4. Health Care System: The health care system will be patient-centered and include NDs and naturopathic practices of wellness, health promotion, prevention, and disease management.

A. NDs will be involved in public policy development integrating the philosophy, practices and principles of naturopathic medicine.
B. NDs will be participants in key federal, regional, and state health care initiatives and committees.
C. NDs will be enumerated in federal and state legislation and in descriptions of health care service providers, services, and benefits.

5. Global Health: Countries will include NDs in their health care systems. Social and cultural attitudes and actions will transform to include naturopathic principles.

A. International agencies will recognize NDs and include ND representation.
B. Countries and cultures will institute naturopathic medical education.
C. NDs will advocate for global health, sustainable human communities, and a healthy planetary ecosystem.