Held annually in May, this three-day leadership training in Washington, D.C., which culminates in a lobby day on Capitol Hill, will hone your leadership skills, increase your lobbying effectiveness, and give you the opportunity to advocate for the changing face of health care. This is your time to shine! Your participation is essential to federal recognition in EVERY health-care reform initiative.

Annual ConVENTION and Exposition
The AANP is a learning community. We hope you'll join us for our Annual Convention and Exposition (a.k.a. The Naturopathic Family Gathering) to interact with your colleagues to expand your knowledge base about naturopathic medical practice and also to share your own experiences with your colleagues. In addition to attending many great educational sessions, equally important are the great social opportunities, including of course our AANP gala celebrating the successes in our community in the last year. We look forward to seeing you at the naturopathic family reunion!

Naturopathic Medicine Week
Naturopathic Medicine Week is a national awareness week that was passed by the US Senate in 2013. It is scheduled for the second week of October annualy and a terrific opportunity to promote the benefits of naturopathic medicine to the public, prospective patients, legislators, and opinion leaders.

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