2016 DC Federal Legislative Initiative

DC FLI Advances Medicare Message on Capitol Hill
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DC FLI 2017 - Save the Date! April 29-May 1


Thank you for your participation in the AANP’s annual legislative conference. The DC FLI attracted 142 participants from 32 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico, who together visited 165 congressional offices to extend awareness of naturopathic medicine on Capitol Hill – as well as advancing the prospects for a Medicare pilot project that would document the benefits of naturopathic care for seniors.
Numerous congressional offices indicated support for AANP’s draft Dear Colleague letter; the task now is to identify a lead sponsor in both the House and the Senate. Continue reading

2016 DC FLI Full Agenda
Naturopathic Medicine and Medicare

2016 DC FLI Recap…As Told by Attendees

I thought this year was much more positive. Members of Congress and staffers understand this time around about naturopathic and why we need prevention, so we were able to get right to the issue.

  • Jane Guiltinan, ND, Bastyr University, Has never missed a DC FLI
Although it was my fifth year attending, having the steps and topics still helped me to formulate my ‘ask’ and get ready for the day on Capitol Hill…Being involved in the military, I want to work with veterans when I graduate. I plan on focusing on treating PTSD from a naturopathic approach, applying the six principles to come up with the treatment.
  • Radley Ramdhan, Student, University of Bridgeport, 5th year attending the DC FLI
It’s important that students participate in the DC FLI. Students tell our story better than we can tell it ourselves. There is always strength in numbers and their passion is infectious. And for the students, the takeaways from this experience are of tremendous value and will help their career.
  • Charles “Mac” Powell, PhD, President, Bastyr University
It is telling that our ‘asks’ are in line with the hotbed issues around cost effectiveness, related to veterans care and senior care. We’re the ones who are well-poised to meet the demands of what is needed in health care today.
  • Emily Telfair, ND, 9th year attending the DC FLI
It’s really important for us to do [the DC FLI]. It takes us outside of our bubble. We get to meet with decision makers who are driving health care policy. We get to see, on a person-to-person basis, if they are interested in what we have to say, and they are. Most people remembered me from last year and they remembered what we do. This process takes time; it’s not a quick fix. It’s about building relationships. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Maurice Wereness, ND, Attended the DC FLI multiple times
The DC FLI program provided tools and helped bridge key contacts from all over the country and that is a priceless gift. The presentations were invigorating, organized, polished, and even entertaining. They were able to capture the big picture as it relates to the future of the profession. Every ND student should make a point to come at least once in their academic career. This is not a suggestion but must. The question is not if, but when.
  • Gigi Naser-Ahmed, Student Representative, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, First year attending the DC FLI
This was my 6th time at DC FLI, and each year gets better and better! I love surrounding myself with positive, forward-thinking, PASSIONATE people in the naturopathic profession.  It is not only a remarkable way to get to know our natural medicine community and all of our allies, it is also a great way to learn how to advocate for ourselves, our medicine, our profession, and the world! Dr. John Bastyr says it best, "Naturopathic medicine is one part science, one part art, and one part politics," and I am reminded that this is the case every year I attend DC FLI.  Thanks for hosting an extraordinary conference! 
  • Rosia Parrish, ND in June 2016, 6th year attending the DC FLI

The DC FLI attracts leaders across the profession.  It’s where the most exciting work of the AANP happens.
  • The FLI builds momentum. 
  • The FLI builds recognition on Capitol Hill of who we are and what we do. 
  • The FLI builds confidence in our message and our spirit. 
  • The FLI builds camaraderie. 
  • The FLI builds relationships.
The first 2 days are set at the Washington Court Hotel adjacent to Capitol Hill.  The third day takes place entirely on the Hill.  The energy and fun of the FLI are palpable!

By participating in the FLI, you’ll not only boost NDs’ priority national advocacy goals. 
You’ll hear from thought leaders both inside and outside of the profession.
You’ll make terrific contacts from across the country.
You’ll bolster your own state association’s ability to make legislative strides.
You’ll also build or polish the skill of confidently presenting yourself.

The FLI is an unparalleled opportunity to grow in your chosen profession, to boost your own state association’s advocacy work, and to advance our most important shared national goals. Be part of the enthusiasm and the electricity that comes from the shared commitment to transform America’s healthcare!  Join in the 2016 DC FLI. 
Questions?  Contact Mike Jawer, Director of Government and Public Affairs: mike.jawer@naturopathic.org or 202-237-8150.