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Practice Management Sessions

Wednesday - August 15, 2012 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Breakthrough Coaching presents 
The Essentials of a Successful and Viable Practice
Spend time with Breakthrough Coaching for an interactive presentation. It will address the challenges of business life for an ND:

  • How do you build a strong business strategy with systems and organization for an efficient practice?
  • What is the essence of a successful practice?
  • How do you build a team that will support your vision?
  • Do you know your value and are you effectively communicating it?
  • What is a thriving practice?  Have you declared it?
  • How do you balance a profitable business with a positive life?

These are only a few of the questions that will be addressed. Breakthrough Coaching has a proven track record in the Naturopathic profession of providing substantial increases in income while supporting the doctors in work life balance.

Free 30 minute consultations will be provided on Thursday, August 16th in the Maple room with Breakthrough Coaching. This is an opportunity for you to have individualized time with the consultants to explore whether ongoing support is for you.

Find out what Dr. Karen Frangos, naturopathic physician of Hawaii, had to say about her experience with Breakthrouch Coaching. Click here for her testimonial.

Please e-mail anne@breakthrough-coaching.com to set aside your specific appointment time.

Learn more about presenters Zia Maria and Anne Zorich of Breakthrough Coaching. 

Thursday - August 16, 2012 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Success Bootcamp Rx presents
Repassionate is the art and tao of creating a “sexy” practice that patients groove to. It is about finding your "tribe" - those you are meant to work with by attracting patients to your unique personality “brand.”

It is a new, more authentic way of thinking about the old concept of marketing.  Forget trying to “market” your practice. Instead we show you how to ignite your passion, spark your genius and have a lot of fun along the way.  Join Success Bootcamp RX (SBRX) as they take you on a second honeymoon with your practice you both will enjoy. Repassionate!

Learn more about presenters Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, and Karyn Wagner of Success Bootcamp Rx.

Saturday - August 18, 2012 - 8:00am to 8:50am
Success Bootcamp Rx (SBRX) presents
YES YOU CAN! 90 Days to Practice Transformation
Tune in as SBRX unveils the results of their 90-Day (Clinical) Study and launches its step-by-step training that changes how natural health practitioners market their practices utilizing our unique Bootcamp - no nonsense -style.

Strategic Partners: AANP, AANMC, ANMSA, Bastyr University, JJ Virgin, Natural Partners, NaturopathicExperts.com, Share Practice, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Square Space, Thorne Research and growing...

Learn more about presenters Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, and Karyn Wagner of Success Bootcamp Rx.

About the Presenters
Carrie Louise Daenell, ND,  Co-Founder of Success Bootcamp Rx
I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a graduate of Bastyr University. In 14 years of successful practice I have become an internationally recognized, cutting-edge expert in natural health care. Historically, my practice revenue was analyzed to rank in the top 1% of MD’s, NDs and DO’s – for one-doc offices, practicing natural medicine in the US.

Mid 2009 I chose to completely re-launch my practice. With the assistance of my good friend and colleague, Karyn Wagner, I put in place “logistical” best-practices for the administrative, marketing and branding aspects of my practice and then proceeded to grow my practice by over 75% within the first 18 months after the economic downturn. Together we founded Success Bootcamp Rx to make certain that any of my colleagues, so choosing, could do that same. Using our proven formula, I intend to wholeheartedly support my natural healthcare colleagues to succeed on every level in their provision of natural healthcare; because revolutionizing healthcare, and providing opportunity for profound healing in this world, depends upon our collective wild success!

Let’s make it happen.

A few more of my career highlights:

  • Past President, Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors
  • Director and Delegate, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Visiting Professor, Bastyr University
  • Visiting Professor, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Guest Lecturer, National College of Natural Medicine
  • Guest Lecturer, University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Co-Author, Better Breast Health for Life!
  • Interviews and appearances on nationwide local news programs and PBS Health series
  • International CME Lecturer

Karyn Wagner, Co-Founder of Success Bootcamp Rx
I am a serial entrepreneur. Someone else made that line up, but they were talking about me. I have a long history of owning companies. My resume might make your head spin. But it is REAL. Ok, here it is: Partner of Triad International, a boutique advertising agency in NYC with branch office in London. I have enjoyed a life as a successful NYC restaurateur for 12 years. I founded Digerati, all things web (in 1997!) and more recently I have been natural products entrepreneur, practice management consultant and co-founder of Success Bootcamp RX.
I love to create and business is my canvas.
Allow me to help spark your genius and ignite your passion. 

Zia Maria, Founder/CEO of Breakthrough Coaching Inc.
Over the last two decades, Zia has designed cutting edge leadership and high-performance team programs for executives at many Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, SC Johnson,  Price Waterhouse Cooper, and more.  In the last 10 years Zia has brought these skills to the Alternative Healthcare field and has assisted dozens of doctors and clinics in realizing their overall vision in creating thriving practices.

Zia directed and established three successful businesses, including a company dedicated to improving work life balance, prior to founding Breakthrough Coaching. Her skill in leading businesses through difficult change is manifested by her ability to foster relationships with her clients that promote trust, empowerment, and teamwork.

Zia's personal achievements include being a National tri-athlete, Tennis pro and mother to her daughter, Jessica who is currently attending the University of Oregon. She is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator who has inspired and trained hundreds of doctors throughout the country.  Through her own personal health journey she has realized the vital importance of Alternative Healthcare to the world.  Zia’s brings that commitment to her work with doctors to have them realize their own individual ability to build and sustain a successful business.

Anne Lague Zorich, Lead Consultant at Breakthrough Coaching
Anne brings a passion for working with Alternative healthcare practioners which arose from her experience as a founder of a chiropractic clinic with her husband. The clinic began as a family based practice with 3 employees and grew to a large thriving practice with 16 employees grossing $2 million a year. Anne brings her clients the lessons she learned in 18 years of growing a practice, and now coaches to help others create clinics with strong foundations in business and exceptional customer service.

Anne has learned that a growing, thriving business is built on the continued commitment to building leadership and communication skills within each business owner.  Anne’s work has a dynamic impact on removing barriers that are impeding the business performance by focusing on the foundational aspects first.  This approach creates a clarity for individuals to move forward powerfully in achieving goals that they have set for themselves and their businesses.

Her clinic development approach is focused on producing impeccable patient care with specific emphasis on communication and building a strong team.  Anne also understands the challenges of work-life balance. As a mother of three children she uses her experience in assisting individuals to achieve a healthy life-work experience while bringing their vision to reality.

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