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Promoting the Naturopathic Profession: Media Training 101
With Naturopathic Medicine Week coming up in October, NDs have an unparalleled opportunity to reach Joe and Jan Public, to convey how naturopathic medicine can help them as prospective patients.  One excellent way to do that is through traditional media - to set up interviews, to write articles and op-eds, to become noticed on radio and television and in community newspapers.
AANP’s webinar on Monday, August 25 (7-8 pm ET) offers a primer on garnering that deserved attention.  How do you proactively get your message to reporters and editors?  What are good themes to strike?  How can you be prepared to deal with skeptical or antagonistic questions in an interview?  What's the best possible light to be painted in?
Get the skinny from three presenters who know their stuff: Dr. Rick Brinkman, Dr. Holly Lucille, Dr. Rick Kirschner, and Judy Blatman, Senior Vice President for Communications with the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  Feel more comfortable crafting your message and doing media outreach - and following through on the opportunities you create. 
Your public – and your wider patient base - await! Register now:

Drs. Tabatha Parker and Michael Cronin attended the 67th World Health Organization's World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. In this short video, Parker and Cronin discuss their work abroad and what you can look forward to from AANP's Global Health Committee.
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