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The AANP is committed to helping you be successful while in school and throughout your years in practice. We present to you a series of benefits to help you build a solid foundation. The products and services focus on educational resources, career services, and tools to help you start your own practice. View an overview of student membership benefits.

We offer students multi-year memership options that allow you to save on membership dues. Have a look at our membership types, rates and terms to decide on a membership option that works best for you:

Membership Types Rate Savings
Four Year Student Membership (48 months) $160 $80
Three Year Student Membership (36 months) $135 $45
Two Year Student Membership (24 months) $100 $20
One Year Student Membership (12 months) $60 $0

Connect and Network with the National Naturopathic Community

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Rodney Billington, NCNM Rep

Amanda Placeres, UB Rep

Gigi Naser-Ahmed, SCNM Rep

Ginger Sweetan, Bastyr CA Rep


As a second year student and Student Ambassador, Gigi spearheaded the creation of a Student Veterans of America Chapter at SCNM. Gigi is concurrently pursuing a Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Management. She aspires to work within the VA healthcare system and increase naturopathic medicine access to the veteran community. Upon graduation, Gigi plans to pursue VA healthcare leadership.

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