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Our Theme for Naturopathic Medicine Week, October 6-12
Celebrate the second annual Naturopathic Medicine Week by holding an activity next month that spreads awareness of the great profession you’ve chosen!  Though we’ve talked up the Week in AANP’s newsletter, we wanted to share this announcement with all members – especially to highlight the theme we’ve chosen and that we encourage you to use yourself.
That theme is EUREKA!  The word means “I have found it” and is, according to legend, whatArchimedes exclaimed when, after long study, he made a significant discovery.  Naturopathic medicine is our significant discovery – and what we want the whole world to know about!  EUREKA! reflects your education and training, your patients’ realization of health, even AANP’s tagline: “Natural medicine.  Real Solutions.”  EUREKA!also stands for the following:

Empowered patients
Underlying cause
Restoring health
Active lifestyle
! (so much more to learn about naturopathic medicine)

We recommend that you make EUREKA! the guiding light of your event promotion for Naturopathic Medicine Week.  What sort of activities can you hold?  Be creative!  Consider an open house, a wellness walk, an educational talk, free consults, an information table, a food tasting, or a contest or charity raffle.  Consider reaching out to business partners to lend support, and to harness the energy of student volunteers.  The success can be huge – and limited only by your imagination. 
A ton of resources is available through AANP’s Naturopathic Medicine Week page.  As your activity is scheduled, please email AANP Staff.  As Congress officially acknowledged a year ago, naturopathic medicine is “safe, affordable, and effective.”  Spread the word by shouting EUREKA!and holding a cool event next month to let many more people in the community know what you’ve already discovered!   

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