Naturopathic Medicine Week

Picturing Naturopathic Medicine Week Success
Of the scores of events that NDs held nationally over the week of October 6-12, we wanted to share two photos that, in their own way, indicate the excitement that comes from a creative and fun ‘spotlight’ being shone on naturopathic medicine.

The first photo is of the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians' booth at the Ironman Village Expo in Kona. Thanks to support from Nordic Naturals and Integrative Therapeutics, HSNP purchased the booth near the finish line of the Ironman Championship race. Eight NDs – Corrine Maul de Soto, Michael Traub, Dan Caputo, Deborah Ardolf, Hana Roberts, Moon Jean Ho, Sally Boyd, and Cheri Wood – staffed the booth. (Dr. Boyd is pictured with the cyclist.) In Dr. Traub’s words, “The Village Expo gets a ton of traffic and it has been a great venue to promote our profession.”

The second photo shows faculty, staff and students of Bastyr University’s San Diego campus clustered around California state senator Marty Block. Along with his aide, Sen. Block toured the campus and clinic; he asked insightful questions about naturopathic training and commented on the maturity of the institution. Pictured are: Bastyr Chief of Staff Coquina Deger; adjunct faculty member Dr. Jenn Bahr; Senator Block; Associate Dean Joni Olehausen; and students Griffin McMath and Verena Eckstein.

The Senator’s visit was part of a full week of activities not just at Bastyr but at NCNM, SCNM, the University of Bridgeport Center for Naturopathic Medicine, and the National University of Health Sciences. Activities included movie screenings, free lectures and health screenings, social media campaigns, even “yoga on the beach” (in Bridgeport) and a yoga flash mob (in Seattle). Additionally, the annual conferences of the Illinois and the New York associations were both held during Naturopathic Medicine Week.

AANP thanks and acknowledges every participant of the Week – whether doctor, student, patient, reporter, blogger, tweeter or (perhaps most important) prospective new patient. It’s not too soon to jot down the dates for next year’s Naturopathic Medicine Week: October 5-11, 2015. Drawing inspiration from recent examples, put on your thinking caps to generate even more fun, awareness and visibility!
Event Ideas
  • Write a newspaper article about naturopathic medicine
  • Hold an open house
  • Give a talk at your local library or book store
  • Put on a health or nutrition fair
  • Work with your local health food store to hold an activity there
  • Sponsor a fun run/walk
  • Hold a picnic or bar-b-q
  • Hold a contest or raffle
  • Give away T-shirts
  • Ask your business partners and vendors to support the event and help to promote it
  • Ask your mayor or governor to issue a proclamation "recognizing" the Week
How to Promote Your Event
  • Reach out to the media through a Letter to the Editor or guest column
  • Write (or add to) a blog
  • Use FacebookTwitter, and your local Patch
  • Tweet - and recirculate tweets - using AANP's Naturopathic Medicine Week hashtag
  • Seek out an interview (tips on approaching an interview are here)
  • Arrange for photos 
  • Enlist your patients to help spread the word
  • Ask naturopathic students to get the word out
  • Use AANP’s tagline – Naturopathic Physicians: Natural Medicine. Real Solutions.
  • Approach your state's governor to proclaim Oct. 6-12 Naturopathic Medicine Week - as Arizona did here
  • Click here for t-shirts, totes, magnets, mugs and more
  • VIDEO: Promoting the Profession
Resources Available from AANP