AANP 2018 Call for Speakers




Call for Speakers and Poster Proposals

DOWNLOAD THE CALL FOR SPEAKERS & POSTER PROPSALS - Includes CE Requirements and Applications
Submissions are due Friday, December 1, 2017

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the AANP 2018, the Annual Convention. Please review the
following information carefully. All submissions are due December 1, 2017. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL

Offerings must be clinically relevant and provide attendees with information that can be applied immediately.
We are actively seeking a large number of presentations that will qualify for Pharmacy, Ethics &/or Pain Management Credits.
All proposals must be submitted through the online collection portal. 

Proposals submitted by Friday, December 1, 2017, will be reviewed by the AANP Convention Content
Committee, which will make selections based on content, objectives, relevance, significance, originality,
clarity, and speaker experience. All persons who submit proposals will receive notification of the committee’s decision no later than February 1, 2018.

Presentation Format
To maximize clinical worthiness, presentations should, whenever possible, include cases, detailed treatment
information, and minimal basic information (i.e. anatomy & physiology).

The conference will present varying lengths of presentations for both clinical and research topics. Please let us know in your proposal, your desired length. The committee may adjust this time based on program needs and the committee’s recommendation.

If you are not selected as a speaker, you may also have the opportunity to present at one of our poster sessions.
Poster sessions provide an opportunity to present your research and patient outcomes.

Selected concurrent speakers will receive $300 plus full conference registration. Oral research presenters (20 minute presentations) will receive $100 in addition to one day conference registration. Any honoraria or
reimbursements must be approved by the AANP and conference staff. All payments will be made following

Commercial Bias
Presentations must be free from real or perceived commercial bias as described in the attached CE Compliance and Financial Disclosure forms. There are a limited number of vendor presentations slots in the program.

Please contact Rebecca Takemoto at RTakemoto@sync-opate.com for more information about these
General Presentation Requirements
  • Your presentation should be factual and report significant research findings, clinical procedures and results, techniques or topics. Priority will be given to presenters who incorporate interactive presentation styles that engage the audience.
  • All presentations (final PPT slides/handouts) will be reviewed by the Convention Content Committee.
  • Presenters are responsible for their own expenses, including travel, hotel and any other costs incurred by conference participation.
  • The Convention Content Committee reserves the right to suggest edits, co-presenters and to combine submissions.
  • Speakers must be available to present during any of the three days of the convention, July 12 – 14, 2018 as sessions cannot be scheduled per individual requests.
  • Presenters are responsible for the transport and storage of any extra presentation materials. Handouts must be approved for distribution by the AANP and conference staff prior to the conference. Handouts not approved by the AANP and conference staff may be removed at their discretion.
  • The speaker understands his/her lecture may be audio and/or video recorded and that slides and notes may be reprinted for symposium and post-symposium sales. By submitting a proposal, the speaker agrees to this and forfeits any rights associated with the distribution of recordings or printings. The Convention Content Committee reserves the right to reformat proposals to ensure publication uniformity.
  • All speakers must provide information on any real or potential conflicts of interest and disclose any affiliations or financial interests to the session attendees.
  • All presentations must meet CE Compliance requirements (see CE Compliance Form).
Full proposal must include (but is not limited to) the following. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed
  • Presentation Title
  • Contact Information
  • Presenter(s) full name/degrees Primary Contact Name (if different from above)
  • Address, City, State and Zip Code
  • Day time telephone
  • Email address
  • Short description of presentation (up to 100 words, to be used for marketing and for CE application)
  • Longer description/supporting documentation (if desired)
  • Min and max time requested as well as commentary on any relevant topics that might fit alongside your proposed topic. Sufficient time for audience questions should be included in total time.
  • 3-5 Learning Objections (bullet format)
  • Presentation Outline (basic breakdown of time)
  • Mention of whether or not pharmacy discussion will occur during the presentation.
    • If pharmacy discussion will occur, please indicate the percentage of your presentation that will discuss pharmaceuticals.
  • Bio, up to 150 words, for each presenter. Please include degree granting institution(s)
  • Headshot
  • AANP CE Compliance Form for each presenter (attached in downloadable pdf above)
  • AANP Financial Disclosure Form for each presenter (attached in downloadable pdf above)
  • California Acupuncture Form for each presenter (attached in downloadable pdf above)
All of the presentation information (excluding the compliance/disclosure forms) should be combined into a single document. Bio, short description, contact information, forms, and photos will also be entered into the online form directly. Submissions without all forms/photo will not be considered.

Formatting and Submission?
All proposals must be submitted through the online proposal collection process found at naturopathic.org
You will be required to fill out a form with contact information and to upload your complete proposal and photo.
  • Speaker bios should be no longer than 150 words.
  • Submit proposals/bio in Microsoft Word format
  • Submit headshot in high resolution, JPEG formats, square size, no smaller than 250 x 250 pixels (squared)
  • If chosen, final speaker presentations must be submitted in PowerPoint for review by the speaker committee. For videos embedded in presentations, limit its file size to 50 MB or less
Submissions are due December 1, 2017 For questions about the proposal submission process please email conference coordinator Rebecca Takemoto, RTakemoto@sync-opate.com.