Gen N
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
by: Carrie Louise Daenell, ND, AANP Board Member


I call them Generation “N”’ in my head. “N” stands for “Next” and “Now” and “Naturopathic”, naturally.

Obviously they are the Naturopathic Doctors that will come Next… whether it be one year or four… they are on their way to becoming our colleagues.

What may not be obvious to those of us that aren’t watching them closely, however, is how very impactful they are right Now. And how the moves they make are strategic in a way that makes what’s Next, for all of us, much more Naturo Fabulous.

Our generation knew the value of hard work, of paying our dues and waiting our turn. Understanding these values is valuable indeed.
They say, that this generation has a sense of entitlement. Obviously, everyone is an individual but I believe that there is some truth in this assessment. Where is the value in a sense of entitlement?

The entitled dare to dream audaciously and they fully expect those dreams to manifest.

Pipedreams? Maybe.

Maybe not.

It’s interesting to consider that all the hard work in the world won’t manifest a dream that dare not fully exist. Likewise, of course, a dream with no steam doesn’t manifest either. Each generation has a gap to close, so to speak, on coming full circle on their purpose.

What give me hope, no… excitement!... is that the audacious dreamers of the Gen N students of Naturopathic Medicine today are also organized, strategic, action taking and they follow-through in order to deliver tangible and timely results. What is even more impressive is that their strategic planning creates not only a win in the Now… it has exponential reach into the future. That reach not only fosters their future success… but increases awareness of and access to the rest of us, at the same time.

Do most of us even know what these audacious dreamers dream of… or what they are manifesting? If not, I encourage you to check out the NMSA and see what they are up to. While you are at it, send them some money. Donate Here. The investment you will make in this organization will go as far as any I can think of.

I’d say this group has closed the gap on their coming full circle. They have matched productive follow-through with their audacious “entitled” dreaming. Can we close ours and dream as big as they do?
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