House of Delegates Approves Practice Guidelines
Mike Jawer, AANP Director of Government and Public Affairs
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
by: Mike Jawer, AANP Director of Government and Public Affairs


At AANP’s annual meeting, the House of Delegates approved Guidance Regarding Naturopathic Practice and Care, a document that aims to provide the public as well as healthcare policymakers across the country with a platform for understanding the competencies of naturopathic practice.  
This Guidance is ideal for sharing with state legislators and licensing board officials in support of state association licensure efforts.  It will also be distributed to the nation’s naturopathic medical schools so that students will be fully conversant. 
“This guidance document reflects the maturity of our profession,” says Kasra Pournadeali, ND, President of the AANP. “It attests to the competence, collaborative nature, and patient-centered commitment of naturopathic physicians.  It further reflects ND dedication not only to serve our patients in good faith, but also our commitment toward public health.  The codification is the result of the efforts of many dedicated NDs over several years, and in particular Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH.  I’m proud the AANP House of Delegates, representing our leadership across the nation, approved this landmark document.”
Guidance Regarding Naturopathic Practice and Care like similar documents developed by other professions, is offered as general guidance; practice by licensed NDs consistent with its provisions, while encouraged, is voluntary.  The document is aimed at general naturopathic practice and may not be applicable in all clinical circumstances or in all jurisdictions.  NDs must use their independent judgment in applying the guidance to their individual practices in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances where they are located.
Also at the annual meeting, the House of Delegates considered a draft paper expressing the association’s support for childhood vaccinations and voted to return the document for more discussion among the Vaccination Task Force.
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