The Way Forward
Carrie Louise Daenell, ND
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
by: Carrie Louise Daenell, ND


The conversation with regard to leadership-style and collaborative relationship building is going on at a national level in our field. Bastyr San Diego is an inspirational example of hope. Their "way" of collaborating, as opposed to staying isolated... this "leadership-style" way of collaborating... has been considered the way of moving forward. Bastyr San Diego, have you any idea how important what you have been doing and THE WAY you have been doing it (fostering entrepreneurial-style outreach and inclusive community-style internal recruitment and management for faculty and staff) in San Diego is, really is, to the future of our profession?

Let me just say, “Thank you,” to all of you there who rolled up your sleeves, worked through the nights, worn more hats than most and simply “got it done.”

Why is this “little train that could” so important to our entire profession? Why does it model a way forward for all of us? The Affordable Care Act is upon us (as is the possibility of our inclusion in/exclusion from it) and  the public has demanded natural medicine play an important role in their health care. This is a new day. This is happening now. Ten years ago this was not a concern, and we have NEVER, as a profession, had this problem/privilege. We are the natural leaders in the arena of the provision of natural medicine, for obvious reasons - training, education and experience. We are mighty, as professionals, and smaller in numbers than we and our patients would like us to be. As the natural leaders in this arena, we have to stretch beyond our comfort zone, put ourselves out there, innovate and create a positive impact so strong that the world heals from our presence. Leaders don't exclude, stay small and stay home. Leaders collaborate. They do so in a leadership-style of collaboration and then they lead. It is really that simple.

Historically we had the luxury of keeping to ourselves and staying small. Those luxurious days are over. The world cannot afford us taking a back seat on this, an easy out, or to allow ourselves to be an after-thought to the government and legislative action with regard to healthcare. There is no road back, only forward. Forward looks very different than anything we have ever seen. The leadership-style collaboration brought forth from the entrepreneurial spirit fostered at the Bastyr University campus in San Diego is the shining-light-example and critical in-road that our entire profession needs to thrive in this emerging professional landscape. You are all truly inspiring.
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