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Sandra Edgcumbe
Life Extension joins AANP as a Silver Corporate Partner
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
by: Sandra Edgcumbe


For over 33 years, Life Extension has been identifying and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies and granted over $110 million to research on anti-aging therapeutics and disease prevention over the past decade.

Unique to the health and wellness industry, Life Extension features a health advisor team comprised of distinguished health professionals. Among this knowledgeable group of health advisors are seven naturopaths who provide a valuable service by helping customers review dietary supplement products and current studies about nutrients, as well as the latest data on almost any health and wellness issue. In addition, Life Extension’s scientific directors include four naturopathic doctors who oversee clinical Information and laboratory services, and scientific affairs, as well as product formulation, innovation and development.

The Life Extension Foundation publishes the Life Extension magazine, a popular monthly publication with an editorial staff that thoroughly understands health and wellness and has a naturopathic doctor as its medical editor. Each publication reports innovative, highly referenced findings covering a host of disease issues that concern our daily lives and your patients.

Life Extension also offers a superior-quality brand of science-based dietary supplements featuring 350 products that are available to you in the form of three exciting programs. Included are the popular standard wholesale program where you can order products at regular wholesale margins to sell in your office; the widely-acclaimed e-Partner program where Life Extension creates, hosts and maintains your own online Life Extension store, and your patients can purchase Life Extension supplements you recommend; and the innovative private label program that provides the opportunity to offer your own brand consisting of Life Extension’s best-selling products in your office.

For more information about Life Extension and the wholesale program call 1-866-585-1435; the e-Partner program 1-877-354-6512; or private label program 1-866-748-7538.

Life Extension, like AANP, is helping people live quality lives in a healthy manor and providing the latest education/research findings and products available to empower them to take care of their health and make wiser health choices.
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