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Michelle Frost
Joins AANP as a Silver Corporate Partner
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
by: Michelle Frost


Jim Massey, ND, is the owner of Mountain Peak Nutritionals and one of the founding members of the AANP.  Jim attended one of the first gatherings to establish the AANP in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1984.  The following year, Jim and his wife, Karen, relocated to North Carolina to introduce naturopathic medicine in Chapel Hill and Durham.  Jim and fellow naturopath, Gil Alvarado ND, helped launch the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians in 1985.
Jim and Karen became members in 1990 of the Founder’s Club that was established by ANNP President Konrad Kail, ND, to help continue the growth and financial stability of AANP.  In 1993, Jim became a member of the AANP board of directors handling public relations and helping Bob Timberlake in the state licensure effort.   In 1995, Jim and Karen moved to Durango, Colorado, to set-up their practice and soon became involved in Colorado’s licensure effort. 
During one of the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors' meetings in Denver in 1996, a brainstorming session was held to raise funds to pay our Colorado lobbyists who were working in our favor.  Johanna Riley, ND, suggested that Jim formulate vitamins, based on his success with formulating, Following her idea, Jim created a multi-vitamin/mineral formula with the intention of donating to CANP, $2 for each bottle sold.  This was the beginning of Mountain Peak Nutritionals (MPN) and the first formula in the current line of more than 30 condition-specific formulas.
Over the past 17 years Mountain Peak Nutritionals has continued to donate to the licensure efforts in Colorado, donating a percentage of annual sales and supporting them any way possible.  MPN is a reliable partner in financially supporting states’ efforts for licensure as well as advocating for improvements in naturopathic legislation.  Karen and Jim have attended all but two AANP conventions and are excited to be corporate partners with AANP.  They have great respect for the naturopathic profession and the courageous, pioneering doctors who support this wonderful organization.
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