Skin Disorders Meet their Match
Ella Davidov
Kamedis Offers Products that Complement Treatment Plans
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
by: Ella Davidov


About Kamedis

Kamedis is a global provider of herbal based, healthy skin care products that combine ancient medical wisdom with modern technology. Kamedis was created by Chinese medicine therapists specializing in dermatology who envisioned a new approach to treating the symptoms of common skin conditions, such as Atopic Dermatitis, Seborrhea of the face and scalp, Psoriasis and Acne. Kamedis utilizes advanced technologies to develop innovative medical devices barrier creams, botanical drugs and derma cosmetic products based on herbal ingredients. Products are available in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Kamedis, a research-based pharmaceutical / dermaceutical company, specializes in dermatology with a vision to leverage efficacious herbal formulations with pharmaceutical standards. Kamedis' skin care products are based on unique combinations of herbal extracts, backed by clinical trials and case reports. Kamedis is safe for long term use and are steroid, paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate-free.
Until now, natural products for skin diseases have been formulated with little or no basis for safety and efficacy...

“Until now, natural products for skin diseases have been formulated with little or no basis for safety and efficacy,” said Dr. Michael Traub, head of Kamedis’ Naturopathic Advisory Committee. “Kamedis is the first company to devote years of research and development to create skincare lines that complement the concept of inside-out, outside-in.”

Kamedis has four treatment lines that topically address the most common and troubling skin conditions. TOPIC Medis addresses itchy, dry and irritated skin; AC Medis addresses blemish-prone and oily skin; SEBO Medis reduces the appearance of flaky, irritated, oily-prone skin and dandruff-prone scalp; and PSO Medis which visibly reduces the symptoms of scaly, irritated skin.

Kamedis products are now available at Emerson Ecologics. We invite you to get acquainted with Kamedis.
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