Bastyr ND Students Raising Awareness Along with Funds
Michal Pearl Waldfogel, ND Candidate and $5 for FLI Campaign Head
Friday, April 11, 2014
by: Michal Pearl Waldfogel, ND Candidate and $5 for FLI Campaign Head


Last Fall, Bastyr University's AANP student representative, Jacob Aguiar, challenged prospective participants to come up with our own fundraising campaigns to get us to the DC Federal Legislative Initiative (DC FLI), April 26-28, 2014. $5 for FLI is a fundraising campaign that reflects the purpose of DC FLI: raising awareness of naturopathic medicine. In developing the campaign, our team decided that we'd rather challenge many people to show their support of naturopathic medicine by donating a small amount of money and spreading the word than a few people donating a lot. 
The $5 for FLI campaign site includes a short educational video about naturopathic medicine and the DC FLI, produced by ND student Leena Suthar. Those of us from unlicensed or not fully licensed states have friends and family back home who are still learning what the heck we went off to do for four years. We are passionate about bringing naturopathic medicine back home, but need the soil to be fertile so we may plant ourselves and nourish the community. This is a bottom-up kind of transformation. Laws won't change unless we demand them to change. And people don't know to demand access to naturaopathic medicine unless they are aware of the possibilities.  
We have close to 50 students from Bastyr's Kenmore campus heading to DC to educate about and advocate for our medicine to the benefit of all. We're each taking several days away from classes and we've all found ways to front travel and accommodation expenses. This campaign will be part of our hope for reimbursement and as you all know, a little goes a long way for students on loans.
Learn more about and consider supporting our campaign at
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