An Excellent Way to Go Green at the Annual Meeting
INM Support
Friday, May 23, 2014
by: INM Support


NDs attending the AANP Conference in Phoenix will have a unique opportunity – to take advantage of a green room to record their own short video acquainting consumers with naturopathic medicine! The videos will be used for a new consumer-focused website sponsored by the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM). If you record a video, you’ll also be able to use it on your own website to promote your practice.
Patients of NDs are encouraged to record a video, too, if they’re able to come to the Arizona Biltmore. Testimonials from patients who’ve benefited from naturopathic treatment are sure to speak to visitors to the INM site as surely as sincere messages from the doctors who treat them.
The videos will be short, 2-4 minutes at most, and recording sessions will go a half-hour. Members of AANP’s Public Education and Media Affairs Committee will be on hand to coach anyone who volunteers – but signups must be in advance. The talks can be about the value of a naturopathic approach to healing generally or about a particular condition that you feel passionate about treating. Patients will be encouraged to talk about how their lives are much improved through the caring and whole-person treatment they have received.
You will be shown how to easily write a script, how to feel comfortable looking in the lens and any other help you need. By sharing your message in an authentic way, you’ll hone your marketing and presentation skills. What better takeaway could there be?
If you’d like to participate, please email AANP staff with your experience level and indicate the condition or naturopathic topic you’d like to speak to. You will be set up accordingly.
Thanks for helping the INM shape a great new consumer website that will draw multitudes of new fans to naturopathic medicine!
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