Dedicated to Hosting Healthy Meetings
AANP Staff
AANP Signs the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Healthy Meeting Pledge”
Friday, May 23, 2014
by: AANP Staff


At AANP's conference we strive to embody naturopathic medicine by providing nutritious, delicious meals and by offering occasion for physical activity.  This year we have made our intents official by signing the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s “Healthy Meeting Pledge.”Signing the pledge means AANP joins 22 other organizations in recognizing “that having healthy meetings, conferences, and events help to create an environment that supports employees and members in their efforts to eat well and be physically active.”

Deciding to sign the pledge was a no-brainer. AANP has always supplied attendees with plates overflowing with fresh, nutrient dense, delicious foods. Our members demand it. Each meal includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Any condiments and dressings are served on the side. We try to serve only lean meats and there is always a vegetarian as well as a gluten-free option.
As every ND knows, it is not just about eating right. We have always tried to include a physical element to our meetings – be it in the form of sunrise yoga, African dance, or last year’s mountain biking with the President. We introduced another activity last year in the form of Herb Walks – a fantastic blend of continuing education, exercise, and nature. They were so hugely popular we had to add more walks on site and have happily decided to bring them back this year in Phoenix, AZ!
We are excited for another year of rejoicing in naturopathic medicine with tasty food, reuniting with old friends, continuous scholarship, and physical motion – be it via herb walks, diving into one of the Biltmore’s many refreshing pools, or dancing the night away at the annual gala. The conference is always a celebration – a high point in the year – and we have a feeling this will be one for the ages.
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