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Jaclyn Chasse, ND, AANP Board Member
Be Part of the New Consumer Website
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
by: Jaclyn Chasse, ND, AANP Board Member


The PEMA Committee is so excited to share with you that at this summer’s AANP convention at the Arizona Biltmore, we’ll be adding a Green Room! As we move forward with a new consumer-oriented website (supported by your generous donations to the Institute of Natural Medicine), we will be using this opportunity to generate multimedia content for the site.

Attendees, including doctors and students, will have the chance to record a video clip which will then be professionally produced and may be featured on the INM’s website. If you record a clip, you’ll also be able to use it yourself as the INM’s thank-you.

Videos may consist of content on naturopathic medicine generally, or focus on a condition or treatment that you love to talk about.

Why should you plan to visit the Green Room?

1) Hone your skills: A top goal of the PEMA committee is to train NDs to be media savvy communication experts. Whether you speak in front of a small group of patients or to millions on the Dr. Oz show, it’s essential that you get comfortable sharing your message in an authentic and effective way.

2) Free professionally-produced video: After the video clips go through production, they will be provided to the “star” (i.e., you!) at no cost. This content will now be yours to use on your own website, post on you tube, and link to like crazy to promote your own practice.

3) Learn from the best: The Green Room will be stocked with media experts to support and guide you through the process of recording a message. Learn from their mentorship and gain the experience to be a pro yourself!

4) The best bloopers will be displayed at the Gala on Saturday night! (No…just kidding…. checking to see if you read to the end!)

Don’t miss the Green Room- the newest addition to the AANP Convention this year! To sign up, email AANP staff asap.
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