Paying Our Dues
Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
by: Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, AANP Board Member


A recent issue of The New Yorker contains a three-page fold out advertisement for a well-known cancer hospital chain. The majority of the text explains the benefits naturopathic medicine brings to integrative cancer care.  Times have changed.
Speaking of changing times, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies informed me last Friday that my application to register as an ND in Colorado had been approved.
A lot of things are changing in our profession. Faster than usual it seems.  Applying for, paying for, and receiving our registration numbers is such a big thing here in Colorado, it’s hard to get a focus on the big picture, to keep this in perspective with what is happening in other states.  I suppose this is how NDs in Maryland will feel next year.  Hopefully in Massachusetts as well.
It feels good being legal. I never thought I would say that.  A sales representative from Quest Labs came to our state association meeting on Saturday; no more sneak ordering lab work under an MD or chiropractor’s lab account.

We’re dealing with the financial reality of our law now as well.  Start up costs for licensing and registration boards are high.  Our board is self funded so initial registrants here in Colorado are, bearing the burden of these costs by paying high fees for our first year licenses, fees that seem almost prohibitively expensive.  High fees will occur next year in Maryland as well.
The more doctors who register in Colorado, the more ways our financial burden will be divided. Thus I am inviting all of you, whether you live in Colorado or not, whether you plan on practicing in Colorado or not, I am inviting all of you to apply for a Colorado Registration as a naturopathic doctor. 
All of us in Colorado have maintained licenses in other states.  I’ve had an Oregon license since 1991 though never practiced there.  If you live in Oregon, I have been contributing my share to running your board and keeping your license fees down.  This would be a great time to consider paying us back.
Colorado law requires naturopathic doctors practicing in Colorado to carry malpractice insurance.  You out of state docs, if you register you won’t be required to purchase insurance.
Once I pay off my Colorado fees, I’m going to start saving for my Maryland license.  As new laws are passed, I plan on collecting new state licenses over the coming years. 
The application to register as a Naturopathic Doctor has been updated and will be available online by visiting and clicking “Professionals (Applications & Forms)” in the left menu.
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