Be a Video Star in Phoenix
Rick Brinkman, ND
Thursday, June 26, 2014
by: Rick Brinkman, ND


AANP and the Institute for Natural Medicine will be launching a website in the fall dedicated to serving consumers with information and insight about naturopathic medicine.  At this year’s convention, we have a goal of filming 30 NDs giving the explanation they give patients every day about treatments and conditions, and about our form of medicine in general.  These short videos (2-4 minutes each) will be professionally directed and produced (by myself) and will appear on the consumer website.

We’ll be filming throughout the convention in half-hour blocks of time.  We need to know NOW if you're interested in doing this because we are going to divide people into two groups: those who are already comfortable talking to a camera and those we will train prior to the convention.
We will show you how to easily write a script, how to feel comfortable looking in the lens and give you any other help you need.

By participating in this project you will:
1.       Hone your skills.  Whether you speak in front of a small group of patients or to millions on the Dr. Oz show, it’s essential that you get comfortable sharing your message in an authentic and effective way. 
2.       Receive a free, professionally-produced video.  After the video clips go through production, they will be provided to the “star” at no cost.  The content will then be yours to use on your own website, post on you tube, and link to like crazy in promoting your own practice.
3.       Learn from the best.  We will support and guide you ahead of time and throughout the process of recording a message.  Gain the experience to be a pro yourself!
If you are interested in participating, please sign up NOW – it just takes a minute.  Be a video star in Phoenix and beyond!
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