FDA to Hold Hearing on Homeopathic Products
State and Federal Affairs Committee
Monday, April 6, 2015
by: State and Federal Affairs Committee

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

AANP will be submitting comments to the FDA in response to the agency’s recently-announced hearing on the regulatory framework for homeopathic products. The hearing will take place April 20 and 21.
FDA’s action comes on the heels of a wide-ranging assessment by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, which failed to find “good quality evidence that homeopathy is effective.” Advocates such as the National Center for Homeopathy question the study’s methodology, which they believe unfairly lumps together research assessing different types of homeopathic treatment. 
AANP is consulting with members and organizations that are expert in homeopathy in order to develop our comments. Stay tuned for further information as this issue develops; any questions can be directed to Mike Jawer, Director of Government and Public Affairs (mike.jawer@naturopathic.org).
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