Section 2706: AANP Holds Call with Federal Regulators
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
by: AANP

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

On July 20, AANP held a phone conference with staff at 3 Federal agencies – the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and the Treasury – to urge them to issue clear guidance so that insurers comply with Section 2706.
AANP leaders, including President Kasra Pournadeali, ND and 2706 Team Leader Michael Traub, ND, pointed out numerous instances where insurers do not understand the law or are purposely ignoring it, either by failing to include NDs in network or treating them differently than MDs or DOs that provide the identical services.  Discussion also focused on ERISA employers likewise ignoring Section 2706 where NDs are concerned.
A follow-up letter was sent to Federal officials after the call, emphasizing that “Absent clear and actionable guidance…the promise of this non-discrimination provision will go unfulfilled, inconsistency of implementation will remain rampant across the county, and lawsuits will proliferate.”  AANP is urging regulators to act swiftly so that millions of patients gain access to coverage for Essential Health Benefits provided by licensed NDs. 
A copy of this letter – as well as numerous other resources that state associations can draw upon in meeting with insurers and insurance department officials – is in AANP’s Advocacy Toolkit.  Section 2706 will also have its own breakout session at the State Alliance meeting in Oakland.  For further information, email Government Affairs Director Mike Jawer (
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