11 States To Introduce Licensure Legislation in January 2013
Gene McGill, State Government Relations Director
The activity level for states seeking licensure for naturopathic physicians is very encouraging for mid-October. No less than eleven states will be introducing licensure legislation in the January 2013 session.
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
by: Gene McGill, State Government Relations Director

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

Some states have been working on licensure for years dealing with the slow tedious process of moving legislation forward. Others are either just starting out or getting back in to the process after a brief respite.  For the first time in ten years West Virginia will run a bill. Arkansas for the first time has a bill sponsor excited to run our legislation.  Florida is back, so is Colorado. Gains in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Maryland have poised each of them for licensure in the New Year.
To assist in the legislative process the AANP has . . . resources available on the AANP Advocacy page . . .

To assist in the legislative process the AANP has developed the State Legislative Toolbox for members which contains information that you will certainly find useful. The resources will assist you in talking to legislators, providing answers to questions they might have and information on what your counterparts in other states have done to move the licensure bills forward in their states.  Do you need information on which states have insurance coverage? Want to know how cost effective naturopathic medicine is?  Need to know who your opposition is and how to address their concerns? All the tools to address these necessities are in the toolbox.

The toolbox is not complete.  It needs your input. Do you have an article that you think will be beneficial to other NDs seeking licensure or scope expansion? Is there a body of research or a report that you find valuable?  Send it to us. Are you an expert in a certain area that can coach other NDs? Give us your name for the Rapid Response Team.  Is the site missing something? Email us.

We all know how difficult the process of licensure can be.  It is our hope that the resources available on the AANP Advocacy page will help streamline the process. Please check it out and let us know what you think. We are always open for suggestions.
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