Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians on the move
Eliot Edwards, ND, FABNO, ILANP President
Legislative efforts continue to push licensing of Naturopathic Physicians in Illinois
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
by: Eliot Edwards, ND, FABNO, ILANP President

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

It’s been a busy year for the ILANP thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Board and its volunteers.  In early February, the ILANP Board of Directors held a day-long retreat to discuss goals for 2013.  So far, during a very ambitious year, the ILANP has been committed to building the membership, putting on their first annual conference and maintain the work being done to license naturopathic physicians in the state. Much of this work is now coming to fruition.
On November 16 and 17, the ILANP will put on their 1st Annual Conference – “Integrative Approaches to Metabolic Syndrome” hosted at National University of Health Science.  This conference looks to establish quality continuing education events in the Midwest which will continue to support NDs and the newly accredited naturopathic medical school at NUHS.  A huge amount gratitude is extended to all those who have worked on this conference as well as the speakers and sponsors for the event.  Please read more at Special thanks to the ILANP Conference Committee: Dr. Lorinda Sorensen, Dr. Kristina Conner, Dr. Kelly Baltazar and Dr. Khara Lucius.
Legislative efforts continue to push licensing of Naturopathic Physicians in Illinois. The ILANP has introduced bills in both the Senate and House to amend the Illinois Medical Practice Act to include ND’s alongside their DC colleagues as primary care providers. The bills, as expected are not supported by the Illinois Medical Society, however, continued meetings with legislators are helping to educate and address concerns they have about bills.
The Legislative Committee, Chaired by Dr. Kelly Simms, VP of ILANP has put together many educational handouts for the licensing efforts as well as connecting with legislators to gain their support.  In March, Dr. Eliot Edwards (ILANP President) was accompanied by Dr. Kenton Anderson, Dr. Fraser Smith and the ILANP lobbyist to Springfield when the Senate Bill was heard by the Senate Licensed Activities and Pension Committee. Dr. Smith and Dr. Edwards testified on the bill which was assigned to a subcommittee for further hearings. Whereas, this subcommittee has not convened, the bill is still alive to be worked during this legislative session.
As with all state associations - especially in our less-ND-populated,  unlicensed states – there is a huge amount of work being done by a small amount of people.  Kudos to the current board for all their efforts, as well as our active members.  Special thanks to the ILANP Treasure, Dr. Jennifer Green for all her accounting work as well as our Student Board member, Alison Egeland for her involvement with the board and keeping the NUHS students engaged with ILANP.
The ILANP continues to work hard and expects more growth and success in the next 12-18 months. For more information visit
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