Have you visited AANP's State Advocacy Toolbox lately?
Mike Jawer
Expanded state advocacy tools available now
Tuesday, November 26, 2013
by: Mike Jawer

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

AANP's State Legislative Toolbox has been thoroughly updated and reorganized so you can find all manner of information to help with whatever issue, question or advocacy campaign you have in front of you.

More than 150 discrete resources are now available for your use. Looking for an educational presentation on naturopathic medicine that you can customize? Sample testimony or point papers in support of licensing? A chart documenting the rise in the number of NDs in licensed states? A comparison of prescriptive authority? Or a rundown of “10 Reasons Naturopathic Medicine Reduces Health Care Costs”? All this – and much more – is available for AANP Members through the Advocacy Toolbox.
More than 150 discrete resources are now available for your use...

The Toolbox is now organized into these helpful categories:
  • The Legislative Process
  • State Licensure
  • Naturopathic Medical Education
  • Naturopathic Practice
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Research
  • Countering Opponents of Licensure
  • General Information on the Profession
Replays of State Alliance webinars and the associated PowerPoint slides can also easily be accessed.

To access, simply log onto www.naturopathic.org, point your cursor over the “State and Federal Advocacy” tab, and double click on the middle dropdown box. It’s all there for your use!

If you have a resource you’d like to share with your AANP brethren and sistren – or if there’s info you think should be covered but isn’t – please email us. We’re constantly expanding the Toolbox and want it make it ever more useful, so give us a shout!
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