AzNMA Scores Two Legislative Victories
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
by: AANP Staff

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed two bills into laws that the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association had strongly advocated. One will allow naturopathic physicians to practice using telemedicine, and the other will allow naturopathic physicians to continue to prescribe Hydrocodone combination drugs after the expected federal reclassification of this substance later this year.

The first bill includes NDs in the definition of health care provider in the state’s telemedicine statutes. This allows NDs to utilize their full scope of practice using telemedicine. The law will allow NDs to collaborate with other health care providers in the care of patients using modern technology and communication methods and will enable NDs and their patients to bridge the geographic distance between a doctor and patient. In addition, NDs will be able to become part of the Arizona Telemedicine Program, which aims to improve access to care in Arizona and also provides distance learning programs for health care professionals.

The second law ensures that naturopathic physicians can continue to prescribe Hydrocodone combination drugs after the FDA reclassifies them later this year from a schedule III to a schedule II. The law allows NDs to prescribe any drugs reclassified after January 1, 2014, into a schedule II class.

Congratulations to AZNMA for its outstanding work!
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