AANP Educates the VA
AANP Staff
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
by: AANP Staff

Section: State and Federal Advocacy

On November 4, two AANP representatives – Dr. Jane Guiltinan, Dean of Bastyr University’s School of Naturopathic Medicine, and Michael Jawer, AANP Director of Government and Public Affairs – participated in a national meeting of Veterans Health Administration officials. The meeting’s aim was to discuss the implementation of integrative medicine across the VA health care system. While chiropractic care is already used within the VA and acupuncture and massage therapy are being considered, naturopathic medicine is new to the agency. AANP's reps presented the fundamentals, explaining principles and practices as well as how NDs are educated and licensed. They also drew attention to the evidence that naturopathic medicine is cost-effective as well as safe and effective for many of the conditions that affect America’s veterans.

This discussion afforded a way for AANP to open the door to NDs being able to practice in VA hospitals and clinics. Dr. Tracy Gaudet, leader of the VA’s office responsible for integrative medicine and whole person care, was already acquainted with naturopathic medicine, having spoken at the DC FLI in 2013 and the AANP Conference this past August.  AANP will be stepping up efforts to educate VA personnel and explore opportunities for NDs to begin working in VA settings.

If you are a veteran or have a strong desire to move this effort forward, please contact AANP Staff.
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