Section: Heart Health
It's a Gut Feeling: The Road to a Healthy Heart May Start in the Intestines
Life is full of, or perhaps even defined by, choices and medicine is much the same. We have a certain degree of freedom to choose the way our body functions. Risk factors for heart disease can be categorized as modifiable and non-modifiable. The role of the physician is to optimize those factors which can be changed.
The Power of Love to Mend a Broken Heart
The American Heart Association has dubbed February, American Heart Month, and anyone who has walked this earth feels a strong association between heart imagery and their own interpretation of eternal love. With Valentine's Day approaching, it is important to remember that the concept of self-love is just as important as love in the classic sense.
4 Simple Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health
As Naturopathic Physicians, our goal is to provide our patients with everything their bodies need for optimal function. The following are some general guidelines on cardiovascular health, specifically as it relates to those with heart failure.