Section: Weight Loss
Restful Sleep: As Important As Exercise in Weight Loss
Did you know that getting up early to exercise might actually MAKE you gain weight? Yes, you read that correctly: you may be better off sleeping that extra hour than getting up early to go to the gym. Do not throw away those workout clothes just yet: exercise is also crucial to your health, and sedentary lifestyles have proven to be extremely detrimental to your health along many parameters.
Digesting Diets
Just as soon as most people know the ins and outs of the most recent health craze, more seem to pop up. Some surface with lots of good theory, even science behind them. Others, not so much. What about ones, claiming to treat diseases, like SCD, GAPS and low FODMAP? I will attempt to bring some concise clarification of to some of the new food plans on the scene.
Losing Weight the Natural Way
Never use a low calorie diet again. This is not a diet. Banish the word from your vocabulary. Replace it with "I choose to live a particular way that includes a moderate amount of good clean food, regular exercise, relaxation, fun, time for myself and caring for myself and others."
What We Know About Losing Fat and Keeping It Off
Specifics for successful transitioning from a fat loss diet to a healthy life long diet include a metabolic readjustment period and educational and psychological support that works with our habits of thought and feelings around food, eating and exercise behaviors.