Section: Seasonal Health
Naturopathic Medicine on the World Stage
I can think of no time better than World Health Day to remind people about the virtues of naturopathic medicine, and the role it can and should play in creating a truly healthy global community. While the political milieu of the last few years has centered around access to care via insurance coverage, it is important to remember that there is more than one approach to medicine practiced around the world.
Sun Protection Update
Summer is officially here! That means that most of us are in the sun much more frequently. Most vacations and general summer fun occurs outdoors, either hiking, biking, swimming or playing tennis. Even just the walk around the neighborhood or gardening can give us hours of sun exposure and puts us at risk.
Baking Soda: A Miracle in Your Kitchen
When I met Natasha Juliana 6 years ago, she was putting together a book on greening your life, environmentally friendly ways to deal with just about everything in your household and beyond. She was the first person to extol the virtues of baking soda as cleaning agent to me. I was an easy sell, I cannot even walk down that cleaning product aisle in the grocery store, I am so sensitive to all the chemical smells. I was happy to learn that between baking soda and vinegar, you really do not need much more to give your home a good green clean. Bonus: Baking soda is fantastic for more than just a scrub.
Natural Remedies for Summertime First Aid
Summer is quickly approaching with its sunny weather and fun outdoor activities. Along with summertime, comes the possibility of insect bites, poison oak rashes, injuries, and sunburns. Even with these possible need to stay cooped up indoors.
Who Needs the Gym when You Have Nature?
We nurture ourselves in many ways during the spring. We eat the new vitamin and mineral rich wild spring growth that we are provided. We stimulate our vitality by celebrating the return of the sun. With the return of the warmth and fresh air of this time of year also comes the opportunity to enjoy fun and unique ways of moving our bodies with functional and enjoyable exercise. Two of the key aspects of maintaining effective exercise in our lives are that it is both fun and diverse.
Staying Healthy and Reducing Stress During the Holidays
The holidays are upon us and busy home, social and work schedules can lead to excess stress and anxiety. Combined with cold and flu season this time of year, it is important to keep your immune system strong to prevent getting sick at a time when nobody wants to feel tired, feverish or congested. Prepare yourself this year with natural remedies that cand help you keep on schedule for a happy holiday season.
Staying Healthy on Vacation
Airplane travel has changed significantly in recent years. Now that travelers have to comply with complicated security rules, paying attention to their health can seem less important. But few things can ruin a vacation faster, than being sick. Fortunately, by planning ahead and taking a few precautions, there is an excellent chance you will arrive at your destination healthy and ready to enjoy yourself.
Beat the Winter Blues!
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a common affliction in the winter months, when days are shorter, darker and rainier. This lack of sunlight is thought to contribute to symptoms of SAD including loss of energy, mild depression, oversleeping, overeating and carbohydrate cravings. People that have SAD, also called "winter depression," report feeling "normal" in sunnier, summer months. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to combat these symptoms.
Preparing Yourself for the Flu Season Naturally
Most over-the-counter medications only treat the symptoms of the cold or flu virus. Naturopathic treatments include nutritional supplementation, lifestyle recommendations and immune-stimulating and antiviral botanicals that can support the body's natural defenses. Talk to your naturopathic doctor today about the best choices to keep you and your family healthy through flu season.
Create a Healthier Halloween
Halloween can be both an exciting and unnerving time, and not because of the ghosts and goblins. It symbolizes the beginning of the long holiday season that carries us through the New Year. For many people it brings joy, others stress, but one thing everyone can agree on, nutrition is the first thing to go out the window. Here are a few tips to make your Halloween a healthier one.