Reflections from a Speaker Selection Committee Member

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, AANP Board and Speaker Selection Committee Member, shares why the Keystone will be an experience unlike any you can have in Phoenix, Seattle, or Portland and why she is ready for July.

Okay, I have a confession. I'm not really that into Nature Cure - clinically, that is. Before I'm lynched by the masses, let me clarify. I have such an appreciation for the roots of naturopathic medicine. I value naturopathic philosophical conversations with my colleagues (and I particularly love when Drs. Snider, Zeff, and Milliman are in the same room!) Bill Mitchell's class in my last year was one of my favorite in school. I even have colon hydrotherapy and sauna in my office. It's just that I'm a total nerd, and I love biochemistry and molecular biology and cutting edge research on new and traditional therapeutics. And THAT's why I go to the AANP conference.

I was so excited to be invited to join the conference content committee for this year's convention, and at the same time, I was afraid of what I was getting myself into. Not in the amount of time or sheer number of abstracts (although that TOTALLY blew my mind! In fact, Jacob referred to committee members being a bit overwhelmed in his last blog - I was one of them). But, I was concerned that I'd be alone on the committee, trying to speak for others like me, whose practice is built on the cornerstone of naturopathic philosophy, but who desire those Monday morning pearls and clinical updates that we also depend on.

Reading over 100 abstracts was time-consuming, but so fun. They were amazing. I got so excited about subjects I wouldn't necessarily consider my “thing”, and there was a diversity in abstracts that I wouldn't have expected. The quality of the submissions exceeded my expectations. You NDs are top notch! You have amazing ideas on paper, and I can't wait to see them come together in a presentation. And for docs like myself, who wouldn't necessarily choose a nature cure-themed conference for their CEU, I can promise you that you will find yourself wanting to attend so many of the selected presentations that you may find it hard to make time for a hike.

Speaking of which, that is another aspect of this conference I am excited about. I know I am my best self when I'm in the woods. I am looking forward to a retreat. I hope that amidst the firing neurons and the meetings and the great food, I have the opportunity to soak in the ultimate Nature Cure. I want to fill my days with new information and fill my evenings with starry skies, like you can't see in Phoenix or Seattle or Portland. I hope to bring my family and also to meet yours. Boy, now it's got me thinking- is it July yet?