AANP OncANP Preconference

From Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, 2013 Speaker Selection Committee Chair - I wear so many different hats that some days I need to look in a mirror to sort out which particular one I have on. Am I wearing my OncANP board president hat, my AANP conference planning hat, my NMJ editorial hat, or any of the others that I kind of lose track of?

Of late though, the most interesting task is planning OncANP's preconference day for Keystone this coming summer, July 9, 2013.

The AANP is partnering with the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ONCANP) to offer a one-day ‘Pre-Conference' on July 9, the day before the AANP conference starts at Keystone. To all of us in OncANP this is an exciting opportunity to fulfill one of our key goals, to help provide naturopathic physicians with a solid foundation of knowledge in naturopathic oncology.

This Keystone pre-conference day will be the first in a series of one-day lectures that we hope will provide a foundation of knowledge in naturopathic oncology for our younger colleagues. We are tentatively calling it, “Nat Onc 101: Back to Basics.”

We've been surveying our members, our teachers, and our general practice doctors to gather input on creating this curriculum. What I find so exciting is that the basic information that new docs want to hear isn't that much different from the information that I want to hear again for myself. Many of you think I know everything that there is to know about most anything but to tell you the truth, I don't. Things change so fast in naturopathic oncology that what we learned a few years ago is often out of date. All of us want to know what the current state of knowledge is now, so going back to fundamental concepts is as exciting for us experienced practitioners as it is for new doctors, perhaps even more so. (There is also the problem of there being too much information for failing memories, but we do not need to go there.)

If I tell you the AANP Conference at Keystone will be the best AANP conference in decades, you can guess which hat I've got on. If I tell you that the OncANP Preconference will be even better than the AANP conference, I have obviously switched hats. Nevertheless I'm still being honest.