AANP Conference Update: A Party in CO, Nature Walks, & Breast Cancer Intensive

From Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, 2013 Speaker Selection Committee Chair

Wow, where to start?

That our good Governor Hickenlooper signed our ‘registration bill' into law leaves me speechless (in a way), but the rest of the doctors in Colorado are getting ready for the party that starts this weekend and I expect won't end until the end of the AANP Conference in Keystone.

If we can pass a law in Colorado, then any state can pass a law.

Much of our attention this past week has been coordinating a series of herb/nature walks for the Keystone Conference. Herb walk is kind of an umbrella term for anything we do outside and try to get you CE hours for. Notable luminaries such as Eric Yarnell, Paul Saunders, Michael Traub and others are going to be on the schedule, either early morning or late afternoon to take you walking. This committee is currently trying to enlist me to lead an outing up to the Continental Divide. There is a shallow lake up there and they are close to unanimous that I should demonstrate either a hydrotherapy or mud bath class up there. Currently the lake is still ice covered so I am hesitant to commit myself. Stay tuned for updates on that.

The OncANP one-day breast cancer intensive is moving right along. We've lengthened the schedule slightly by adding in one more speaker. Julia Osborne is the recognized expert in post mastectomy physical therapy and rehabilitation. She trains PTs nationally and internationally in a new approach to restoring function that is revolutionary. At my request the organizers have made room for her to speak on the simple things we all can do that will help these women heal quicker and more fully. A great seminar just got better.

Michael Cronin is plotting with Rebecca Takemoto and Mandisa Jones to sneak in a mountain biking adventure. Details will follow at some point.

The CoAND is organizing a Fun Run to Celebrate Colorado Saturday afternoon before the Gala. Sign-up information will be available soon.

Jim Prego may have finally booked his discounted shuttle ride to and from the Denver airport. If anyone else needs help booking a reservation on the shuttle, please call AANP at 866-538-2267.

I perhaps should add something about Colorado also legalizing marijuana this year but you will no doubt hear about that without my help.